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Tired But Laughing

This afternoon has been a great joy for FW & myself.

We had to manage youth on our own this afternoon as Rev Chugabug was at the Baptist Assembly. Is it just me or does that conjure images of school assemblies but on a much larger scale?

“Oy!! Small Minded Baptist Church!! Stop chewing gum and pay attention! You, yes you with the bald patch, do you want to share the joke with the rest of the assembly? No? Thought not….”

So we were left to cope. Thankfully, or unfortunately, we only had 4 of the usual suspects – well it is a bank holiday Sunday. However the 4 we had were very good fun and happy to participate.

FW did her bit in preparing for them for us taking the service on Environment Sunday in June. I bet you can’t guess the subject? “No, Lower Throbbing Pain Baptist, it is not bondage in the modern church – S&M Sunday is in July…”

We played a few games, with Gem’s younger brother (Mini-Terror) getting into overactive mode. Then we had tea, cooked by FW.

Last week was Gem’s birthday. As a surprise we’d bought a cake for her in the image of the great hero of modern life – Scooby Doo. Have I ever mentioned that I’ve met him? Somewhere I have a picture of me with my arm around him – now that’s another story.

Anyway, part way through the tea I do the Walrus impersonation using 2 mini-Cadburys Fingers. So Gem’s brother sticks 2 up his nose. He then threatens to eat one, so Gem grabs it off him. Then he pulls the second out. As it nears his mouth the following events occur:

Gem reaches across to grab it.
Her chairs falls over.
Her drinks goes flying across the table.
She grabs the chocolate finger.
She falls back, misses her chair, lands flat on her butt, knocks her back against the chair.
Everyone convulses, including Gem.

Its times like this when I love my work.

Earlier they’d knicked my jacket and mini-terror was wearing it. I shook the jacket to check for the reassuring rattle of my keys. Sound was there none. In the mean time Gem asks to use the loo. Suddenly the pieces fall into place. I run out to find her sitting in Magda’s passenger seat with a big smile on her face.

Later Mini Terror stuffs a football up his shirt and wanders around saying, “I’m Tired & Emotional. Look at my big belly.” Then he wandered into the kitchen to show FW. Again much laughter followed.

All this shows that she should always maintain a sense of humour and a thick skin in order to survive with youthwork.


I’ll respond to my tag tomorrow. I need a long lie down now.

Of Beards and Fingers In Ears

We had a great time last night in Swansea. Not sure which I enjoyed most the tortured cat noises, driving 50 miles with the roof down or the Vietnamese meal we had. Proboably the best parts was meeting so many people we seldom see.

Great to see Rambling Folkie, living up to her name, Eee, Burnt Sienna, Marmite, Dith, British Standards, Rhys and Legally Blonde. Apart from them singing my least favourite Beatles songs I really enjoyed the night – even acting as a taxi service. Not bad for someone with a 2 seat car eh?

My highlight was getting to grill Blonde’s new man – something I had too go through last year – and singing 2 Kinks’ songs, still remembering the complete lyrics without prompting.

May update later after our youth group this afternoon. Will have to go shortly as we’re running the entire thing on our own.

The Shape of Things Past

We’ve been having a good relaxing day so far.

Last night’s Real Ale Night with Best Man was very good. We went to one of the local pubs that specialises in good beer, especially Ale & Cider – the real stuff. It was very busy as they do both food and drink and most people are there for food. We had a very enjoyable night catching up on news and discovering more about each other than we knew before.

Its amazing that, after 30 years of knowing someone, there is so much to learn. Things that you take for granted others strugggle with or do so much differently.

Its looks like that these evenings could become rarer as Best Man is hoping to secure a job in London or Cheltenham. It has been good to get to see him so much over the best 2 months.

Its also been a good week as I’ve been able to get back in contact with another old and valued friend. We lose touch for a while and then get back in touch again. I miss having contact with her as she’s another of my oldest and dearest friends. She also knows a few things that others don’t, so I need to be careful with what she says to FW. Hopefully we’ll be able to get together near the end of May to catch up.

One of the things that FW has noticed is that I have fewer friends than she does but finds that I’m very loyal and caring with the ones I have and that they mean that much more to me because of this.

I suppose its because I tended to move a lot with work and tending to make transitory friendships with people. I’ve always felt like Robert de Niro in HEAT. “If have to be able to leave your life behind in 30 seconds.” Its not always a great way to live but served me well for a while.

Now I find that having good friends helps to bring more happiness to your life. People still have enormous mountains to climb to prove their friendship to me but I’m not quite as demaning now.

Days of Future Present Past

Today has been spent doing useful things. Waiting for Interlink to deliver a parcel and for the organic veg man to deliver his bountious goodies. Therefore with FW out beautifying herself I had a non-productive day doing no work at all.

At least we get to see Best Man tonight for a few pints of real ale in a local pub. This is an unusual occurenmce for me as I’m usually the designated driver. Now I only have a 2 seat car FW has offered to drive instead. Now its her turn to watch us get merry while staying sober – a nice change of events.

Tomorrow sees us visiting Swansea for an evening of cat torturing. This is otherwise known as Jamming to folk music. I have spent part of today with a finger stuck in my ear and singing “All Around My Hat”, “Matty Groves” and “John Barleycorn Is Dead”. FW will not allow me to regrow my beard for the occasion, so it won’t be an authentic folk evening.

To alleviate the worry/annoyance of fellow wibloggers the above paragraph was written with tongue firmly inserted in cheek.

Still Quiet

Thank the Lord for public holidays. As such I get to go home in about an hour and not have to return until Tuesday morning. I have had some work to do today and there is the possibility of a little more this afternoon.

However the spare time leaves me free to catch up with Loggers’ Lives. A story of odd folk from around the known world. I use the term “odd” in the sense that Christians are supposed to be in the world but not of the world. Therefore to others we appear to be odd. To be honest some of you, who I’ve met, are also odd to me too.

Then again my wife describes me being like no other man she’s met. I can understand this as I am definitely a real “bloke” and she doesn’t seem to have known many others. Maybe its the air in Oldrum that does it. After all the current Assistant Pastor, who is soon to be Pastor, at her old chapel comes from here and is another bloke.

Yet I have found that reading wiblogs is having a destabilising effect on me. I have begun to notice that I have things called emotions, that never emerged before. reading some logs causes these to try to emerge. Thankfully I’m able to fend them off and keep them subdued. After all I have an image to maintain.

Thanks To All

Good to seeing so many updated blogs after yesterday’s request. I’m really grateful as I’ve had nowt to do all day, again. However, today has been better as I was able to go to my airport office and drive back with the roof down and my eyebrows dancing in the wind.

At least I’ve been able to catch up with the lives of other Loggers. Its always good to see how others are doing, even those you only know through the site.

Also saw an interesting piece in The Times. Football fans (soccer to non Brits), who were unable to get tickets to the World Cup, will be able to enjoy the SMELL of the event. A company is offering little cubes that replicate the smell of the grass on the pitch, the half time pies, the sweat of the changing rooms or the furniture polish in the trophy room.

If this is to much for you then I’m willing to send samples of my sweaty socks as an alternative.

I’m So (un)Excited, I Just Can’t Hide It

Today has been full of much excitement and drama. Well….. it would have been if something exciting or dramatic had happened. The most exciting event was taxing Magda.

Work has been overwhelmingly underwhelming. I had 37 e-mails overnight, of which 2 were work related. The rest consisted of junk or notifications that the company’s finance system was currently unavailable or now available (there were 29 of these). So far the only work I’ve been asked to do is to look into moving an aircraft engine to Melbourne and to definitely arrange to transport a small box to Jo’burg this weekend.

Trying to fill in time is getting hard. I’ve read the paper; surfed countless websites; joined the Evangelical Alliance; eating half a (large) bag of peanuts; shuffled paper; prepared 1 invoice and read every wiblog I can.

I therefore call on all wibloggers to get logging, as I’m in for a few more days of this. Any assistance offered would be greatly appreciated. I’d even do Smudgie’s cooking for her….

A Tale of Depression & Exclusion

I’ve just found a story on the BBC site about a woman who has spent the past 8-9 months living in her car in London. She has had some bad luck, including losing her home and job, and just jumped in her car, drove off and began living in it.

She has been keeping a blog at, I’ve put the link on my blog if you want to read more. It makes very interesting reading and shows that, eve throuh all this, she still tries to maintain her identity and takes pride in her appearance.

That there could be such a person forced into this is a terrifying endictment on life on 21st Century Britain.

Miracles Do Happen

I am still reeling with the shocks I had on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. These were as follows:

1. My useless boss has now resigned after 18 months. It appears that his management style, or lack thereof, was not appreciate by our new UK MD. They had decided that they’d appoint a “consultant”, who just happens to be a good friend of our MD, to “assist” him in his work. He therefore saw the writing on the wall and quit.

I can’t say that I’m to upset at this. After all he is the man who, at the time of English Dragon’s stroke asked me how things were going. When I proceeded to answer with at update he said: “I don’t care about that. What about your figures for this month?”

A great man manager he was not.

2. Liverpool beat Chelsea and reached the FA Cup Final. Just the people we want to play.

3. Pontypool win their first game in months and help to lift themselves out of the relegation zone, at least for now.

4. West Ham were able to overcome Middlesborough and reach the FA Cup Final and guarantee a place in the UEFA Cup for next season. There’s a possibility of a trip to somewhere exotic to follow them. Knowing my luck it’ll be Azerbaijan in December.

All of the above I put down to meeting the wife. Since that day Wales have won the Grand Slam, West Ham were promoted, England won the Ashes, West Ham have survived, and done outstandingly well in the Premiership, and reached the FA Cup Final. What more can I say?

Wiblog entry for 24/04/2006

I am still reeling with the shocks I had on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. These were as follows:

1. My useless boss has now resigned after 18 months. It appears that his management style, or lack thereof, was not appreciate by our new UK MD. They had decided that they’d appoint a “consultant”, who just happens to be a good friend of our MD, to “assist” him in his work. He therefore saw the writing on the wall and quit.

I can’t say that I’m to upset at this. After all he is the man who, at the time of English Dragon’s stroke asked me how things were going. When I proceeded to answer with at update he said