Threats & Stuff

First of all a message to a certain balding person from Swansea:

I knows where you lives I does….. (that comment best read with a Welsh accent!!) Further comments such as that left on First Wife’s wiblog will be dealt with in a very unchristian type way. Here’s hoping that that Scouse Git gets eaten by a Paraguayan Spider Monkey, called Ernesto, during England’s first game on the road to further humiliation next month.

In other news….

First Wife finally managed to make it home last night, following her unannounced tour of the South Wales Main Line. She really enjoyed her voyage of discovery and hope’s to repeat it at some stage in the future.

Today has consisted of work, work and a little more work. Now I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend at home. So far we have very few plans other than:

1. Seeing Mission Impossible III tomorrow night.
2. Babysitting the nephews for 30 minutes tomorrow night, while brother in law collects Sad Sister from the station after her training day in London.
3. Church Sunday morning.
4. Youth Sunday afternoon
5. Seeing friends at a local Cider Festival on Sunday night.
6. Building a wardrobe. Potentially building a chest of drawers.

Finally it’ll be back to work on Tuesday. Sounds very relaxing.

For those in the UK, I recommend the new Pot Noodle ad. Terrible product but a great ad.