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Wiblog entry for 31/10/2006

The UK Parliament is debating on whether or not to hold an enquiry into the UK participation in the Iraq war. The government have said that any defeat on its opposition will have grave consequences for UK troops. Instead they want to have an enquiry put off until the troops finally leave.

That sounds like a good idea. Everyone knows that we were wrong to go to war when we did using the dodgy, and knowingly incorrect, intelligence that we had. Big Tone doesn’t want this damaging his "legacy" before he leaves office next year.

Yet will our troops really be that effected by any enquiry held? They are mainly fighting foreign insurgents, backed by Syria and Iran, and not a great Iraqi revolt. I can’t see the Iraqi people rising enmass against us. They want peace and security and know that they need our presence there until they can fend for themselves.

What is a greater danger here is that the government have consistently opposed any democratic oversight by Parliament since the war started. Their view of democracy seems to be that they can do anything they want until elected out of office. They do not seem, or want, to be accountable to the people or our elected officials.

I am not a pacifist. I do believe that we need to use armed intervention on occasions to save lives and prevent dictators from running amuck. However I also believe that any such use of force is a last resort and should be carefully planned and things put in place to secure the peace.

In Iraq we failed to plan the campaign properly and had no idea what to do afterwards. Why target infrastructure, such as hospitals and power stations, that would be needed immediately after victory? Why disband the Iraqi army and police forces, why not just sack the Baathist elements?

If the government get their way then we may see no enquiry within the next 2-3 years. By when they maybe, and hopefully will be, out of power.

How To Illustrate Sunday School Stories For The Modern Teenager

My Sunday School class (averages 1 per week) is made up of the over 11’s. Yesterday attendance doubled as one of the girls was going to a party in the afternoon and came in the morning as penance for missing youth.

We have begun studying Acts and were on Chapter 3. We read the chapter and then began talking about it. The idea is that we follow the growth and challenges of the early church and see how this relates to our lives today.

To illustrate the story, of Peter & John and the beggar, we had some props:

The beggar was represented by a bear. In addition he had a begging hat – an air hockey shuttle; a dog – a leaf; his bottle of White Lighning Cider – a plastic skittle; and a pack of playing cards to illustrate his gambling addiction.

Peter was represented by a plastic skittle and his hat was the matching air hockey shuttle. John was modelling the latest in Middle Eastern chic – he was a skittle with an upturned shuttlecock. He was setting the trend for modern Islamic female attire.

These were things that were lying on the table as we discussed the story. The important thing is that they’ll definitely remember the lesson.

As we finished as the last hymn was being sung we played a game of Gin Rummy and a few hands of Pontoon.


Here is the end of the weekend. I am feeling exhausted but sad that its over. Never mind. 4 days to go until London, Baby!

We’ve got our MPH 06 tickets. FW’s booked the hotel. A good friend’s confirmed Friday and other friends have confirmed Saturday evening. I’m really looking forward to it.

This weekend has been a mixed bag.


Lie-in. Into town for lunch and collect the hi-fi cabinet. This turns out to be a solid wood one and not a cheap veneer covered one. We had to move half the window display to get at it.

Then onto to rugby with dad. Unfortunately, despite leading 23-5 at half time, Pooler lost. Bah!!

From then it was onwards to Swansea. Must remember to collect the organic veg box enroute. Time to have a quick Vietnamese and them round to Rhys and Lemley’s for an evening and semi-intelligent conversation. Rhys’ rendition of Smoke on the Water was less painful physically than anticipated. I still hate the accordian though.

Home by midnight to feed the cats and, as my tiredness had disappeared, watched Hostage until 2 a.m. (which was then 1 a.m.).


FW still in Swansea so had to rush to feed cats, empty litter tray and get out the door for 9:30. Arrived at chapel to find that it was already opened. Hmmmm!! Good service and Sunday School was fun, more about that tomorrow.

After lunch collected FW from station and then off to youth. Energy levels rapidly disappeared but great fun. We just had a play and eat session. Then home to watch Simpsons and for me to see West Ham win again. Finally looking like a good team again.

Have to go now to watch Corrie and then Torchwood.

This one has not been destroyed

This is version 4.0 of today’s entry. The 3 previous entries have been deleted by our 3 cats walking over the keyboard. 2 have disappeared and 1 is sniffing the walking, singing penguin.

Today has been a time to catch up on work that has built up over the last few weeks. I’m almost completely up to date. It was a slow start as I didn’t want to rush around but build up to things. Thankfully most of its been done now.

I delayed things until I’d takien FW to Oldrum to catch the train for her interview. Then I had a few hours to get eveything done reday to go back to collect her.

Tomorrow will be a slow day. In the morning we’ll be collecting our new hi-fi cabinet from the local charity shop. By waiting 2 weeks to buy we’ve saved £20; not intentionally mind, it just worked that way. The afternoon will be spent at the rugby with my dad. The evening will be with FW’s friends in Swansea.

Sunday has got easier. Mum has volunteered to play the organ/piano and choose the music. That’s one job that I don’t have to do now. After youth in the afternoon I get to watch the West Ham/Blackburn match. Hopefully West Ham can get over their 8 game losing streak.

Being a football supporter is much like religion.

There are those who follow regular rituals in an attempt to insure the required outcome, knowing that this alone will not guarantee things. After all there are things outside of their control but the rituals should fend those off.

There are those who believe that whatever wrong is done on the pitch, by your team, the opponents or the officials, will be corrected by karma over the course of the season.

Then you have those who follow whoever is new and successful. They change allegiance whenever times get hard or the team struggles.

You also have those who have no clue as to what is happening and aren’t really interested. They’re just there as they had nothing else to do, or were dragged by friends.

Then you have the people who accept that nothing is written in stone but that the future is their to be conquered. There will be good times and bad times.

Being a West Ham supporter is definitely putting yourself in the last category.


I have decided that work, or the lack of it, is starting to kill me. After the last few weeks of enforced quietness I’ve found that, now everything is sorted, things have gone quiet again. Whereas before I was receiving 120 e-mails a day, I’ve only averaged 20 over the last 2 days.

Now the boredom is setting in. I’m more exhausted from the laxk of work than the actual work. I have a few things that need to be done but am finding it difficult to summon up the energy to complete. Never mind I’ll be able to go home soon and begin the weekend.

The other night I received a call asking me to sort out the music for Sunday morning’s service and ensure that I was there to meet the visiting preacher. This is a little inconvenient considering we now live 14 miles away. Especially as I need to listen to the backing CD’s to ensure that the tunes are correct and match the number of verses on in Songs of Fellowship/Baptist Hymn Book.

My only hope is to listen to them on the way to and from Swansea on Saturday. I also need to insure that I leave early enough to drop off the washing on Sunday and get to chapel for 10:00hrs to open up.

There are people nearer but they have other things they need to do….

Wiblog entry for 25/10/2006

To those who commented on my last entry:

Rhys – You are still at Invertebrate with Bite but loveable with it. One rendition of Smoke on the Water will be more than enough.

Ness – That explains a lot!

ee – Remember, unlike you guys, I have no pacifistic tendancies whatsoever.

Be Careful With That Accordion, Eugene

I now have a fully working laptop. After 7 weeks I can finally access all of my e-mails and do some real work.

This weekend sees us visiting Swansea, only after I’ve watched the rugby though. If I have to endure an evening that includes Backburner playing an instrument of torture then I really need somthing to see me through. Alcohol is out, as I’ll have to drive home.

Just so you know. I really, really, really, really, really, really hate the accordion. I’m not joking! The sound sets my teeth on edge. Only the bagpipes are a worse form of torture. Its not just because they are usually associated with the French either, after all I love French wine.

I wil see the evening as a success if Backburner survives in one piece and has no fewer, or additional, body parts.


On Hungarians

This week sees the commemeration of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution against the Soviet Union.

The official celebrations/memorial was interrupted by protests against the present government. If you remember they have the Prime Minister who, rather foolishly, admitted to lying to the electorate in this year’s elections. Therefore there have been almost continuous protests against his party’s continuation in office.

So the official commerations were disrupted by the opposition parties marching against the government. They in turn were tear gassed and beaten up by the local police. Even 50 years later we still have Hungarian wounding Hungarian.

The current PM is also a former Communist Party leader and is married to the granddaughter of the General who led the reprisals against the Hungarians fighting for their freedom from the Soviet Union. There seems to be a little historical leg pulling here.

I read that the Hungarian General who helped lead the original revolution is still alive at the age of 94 and lost none of his vim. Upon meeting one of the Russian officers in Moscow a few years ago, and debating the ungarian Rising, was told by him that the Russians had never bombed or straffed the Hungarian fighters. He replied that the General should come with him and he’d show the Russian the craters that remain from the bombing. Reply? there came none.

Please Work….

Hopefully I’ll have more luck today than yesterday when my 2 blog attempts disappeared into cyber heaven.

I have a half working laptop. I still can’t reply to business e-mails as my webmail is over the limit and our IT department has consistently failed to enlarge my mailbox limit or setup my Outlook so I can download files from my webmail account.

After 7 weeks I’m now totally hacked off. I can only do half a job at best.

In other news:

I had a great weekend as FW went off retreating with some friends to North Devon. I managed to do almost nothing and enjoyed it tremendously. I worked out that I’d had 4 out of 5 weekends with almost everyday used up with house/church related stuff. It was good to have time off.

We’re going to have a weekend away in London in 10 days time. I’m really looking forward to seeing friends and going to the MPH 06 show at Earls Court. Clarkson, May & Car Football; what could be better?

The cats have begun asserting their dominance over the house. They’re either screaming around causing loud thumps or asleep on my legs. That was my weekend really, acting as a feline climbing frame.

Along Came A S****r!

A few days ago we received a further addition to our family. I called him Boris, for obvious reasons. For several days he made his home alomgside our toilet. He never disturbed us and we didn’t disturb him. He was very useful as he helps keeps unwanted bugs under control.

Then he was gone. I don’t know where he went but his home disappeared too. FW says that she thought she found his remains near the front door, somewhat mangled. It’s not the first that has been destroyed by the cats and won’t be the last.

Must be the natural order of things. He eats bugs and the cats eat him.