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Rest & Relaxation – a continuing story

Being off ill does have its benefits. I get to lie in; watch Top Gear reruns; Frasier; Corrie; and catch up on my reading.

At 11 last night I began reading Merde Actually, the sequel to A Year In The Merde. Looking just now I discover that I’m on 246. This is fun and very easy to read.

For those who haven’t read the origial it tells the story of Paul West, an Englishman living in Paris. It shows ou the good things about French life and, of course, the bad. In the second book he is setting up an English Tea Shop in Paris. It is fun and has had me chuckling out loud, I can’t laugh or I’ll cough myself to death.

I’ve also read John Le Carre’s The Honourable Schoolboy and will shortly begin Smiley’s People, to complete the Smiley trilogy.

I also need to read Men Are From Scunthorpe and Women Are From Calcutta (or Kolkutta, or Calcutter – or however its spelt today), or some such thing. It is felt that I need to discover why females are incapable of conversing in the same language as their spouses. I find its a common problem that you emerges about 10 minutes after your vows are completed.

I also get to watch films I haven’t seen, or not seen in ages. Yesterday’s was Mr Smith Goes To Washington, a film that proves that political corruption did not start in my lifetime.

Also on my list are the first series of Rome, season 5 of CSI and seasons 1-3 of The West Wing. I hope the doctor can sign me off for that long….


One of the hardest things I have trouble with is the need to be kind and humble to others. Sometimes this is really easy to do but at others it would be easier to move Everest on a skateboard.

I have real trouble dealing with inDUHviduals and dweebs; I can’t seem to get to grips with people who don’t do what they should do. It is especialy difficult when you are dealing with a person in a position of authority who never does what you expect them to do as part of their work. This becomes even more difficult when dealing with someone who’s "calling" is to act as a leader and confidant to others.

How do you deal with someone who believes that they are extremely busy and hard working when the evidence does not back this up? They are extremely disorganised and this affects the way in which they deal with others. As time goes on you begin to become more and more disillusioned with the way they do things.

There comes a time when you ask whether or not you can carry on working with them. For me that time is drawing nearer and nearer. Does the person really have the "calling" to lead or not? I can’t see into their hearts but I’m beginning to doubt it.

The trouble is that others don’t deal with the person as closely but those that do slowly become more and more concerned. Things that should be done aren’t and time is wasted on other things. When this is pointed out they become indignant and accuse you of undermining them.

Another Sermon Done

Yesterday’s sermon went very well. Its hard to get any constructive feedback as everyone tells you how much they enjoyed it. Unfortunately FW, who will tell me, was working.

People seemed to accept the 2 minute excerpt from The Simpsons that I used in the kid’s slot, sometimes you can’t tell what will or will not be accepted. I have used a video clip once before and had a complaint that it was not what people expected to see in church. It was interesting to see thAt the church was heavily split between those who recognised them and those who didn’t.

Today we had my in-laws visiting us for the first time since we got married. FW’s mum was looking much better and a lot more like her own self. They seemed to like the new house too. We also had time to take them down to my folks, who haven’t seen them since last April or May.

Sermon Preparation

This afternoon I have been writing tomorrow’s sermon. For those who don’t know me, please rest assured that I am not a minister, vicar, priest or shaman. I’m just a normal idiot who thought that God has something He wants me to say. There must be some truth in it mind.

What heresy is this you say?

Well I never seem to have to worry about a theme or content. Whenever I need to write a sermon a theme appears and then the words just flow. I may need to start again when I go off track but it all comes very easily. I can see others reading this and saying that that isn’t the case with them.

Maybe its because I don’t have to write one every week. I’m not trying to claim to be a special conduit for God’s word, I ain’t that vain or foolish. I just feel that God is near when I start writing. I try to leave myself open and not be too structured before I start.

With all the stress I feel with work and life at present, this always seems to be something that is relaxing and effortless. For that small mercy I’m thankful.

For those interested, tomorrow is John The Baptist – trailer for Jesus. The announcer of the coming attraction, the greatest blockbuster ever. Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Jaws, Bond? Nothing compared to Jesus.

2 Weeks Of R & R

Thanks to Steve and Ian for their comments. I appreciate the thoughts.

Today I visited Dr Brusque. FW does not appreciate my doctor’s nature. He can be very abrupt with people and can be perceived to be a little short tempered. I think that’s why I like him. He is professional and talks to me in a way I appreciate, short and to the point.

We went through how I ‘ve been and what has been causing me problems. I’m a very driven person and hate the thought of letting people down, in my personal or work lives. I was told that I’d actually done the right thing in withdrawing myself from work this week. My first priority is my family and not my employer. That was a welcome affirmation of my decision.

The stress has also contributed to my diabetes getting slightly out of control, so I have a new tablet I need to take. That makes 3 different types a day I need. At least I’ve recognised the problems and taken things in hand now and not allowed things to get worse.

As I left the chemist with my new pills, I rang the office. I could immediately feel myself getting tense and anxious. The people I spoke to were very concerned and understanding and have promised to leave me well alone. My boss was supposed to all me by 12:00hrs but I’ve heard nothing from him.

I’m not going to read any work e-mails and have turned off the mobile, very significant actions for me.

Stress & Annoyance

Sorry I haven’t been around this week.

I have been taking a much needed break. Things have come to a head over the last few days and, for the sake of my health and sanity I’ve taken this week off work. I have been so stressed over the last few weeks that it was starting to take a hold on my life and making me ill. I was waking up at night and worrying about work and what was happening and that just made things worse.

So I’ve been lazing around and not touching a computer or mobile all week. I know that its caused problems for work but I think that my health is more important than their money grabbing. For a company that prides itself on valuing its staff they’ve shown that that is purely hot air.

I’m only on the computer now as I need to get my presentation done for tonight’s church meeting. I’m providing feedback on our earlier church survey and Away Day. I also need to update the church on the current building work we are doing and what needs to be done next.

I’ll update more tomorrow.

Golden Trees

Today has been a good day.

Apart from receiving a request to supply further documents for 100 import entries I’ve managed to get 2 shipments out. Then I decided to take a break and do something else instead. I had an oppoprtunity to do a mystery shop at a well known eletrical chain.

The good thing was that I had to drive 23 miles to the store. This gave me time to admire the autumn scenery through my rain swept windows. There is something about the Welsh vallies that spring and autumn bring the best out of.

At present we are experiencing a very late autumn. The trees on the surrounding hills are red and gold and everything looks much better than during the grim winter months. I can’t remember seeing such a beautiful autumn so late before.

Even Merthyr looked reasonably attractive. If you’ve seen Merthyr you’d understand how rare this can be.

Train Crash and Light

Thanks to those who commented on yesterday’s entry. I haven’t had chance to watch the Big Bibles vid yet, my dial-up connection at work couldn’t cope so it’ll have to wait until tomorrow when I’m home.

Have you noticed how life conspires against you sometimes. I’ve been trying to cler something up for my main customer for 2 weeks. My company have let them down in a big way and I’m stuck as being the person in the frontline.

Yesterday afternoon it looked like we had broken the camels back, not literally I hasten to add. There was light at the end of the tunnel. Then I spoke to FW who cautioned me that it could be a train. Unfortuntely she was right. The train around 9 last night and I’m still trying to recover.

The one thing that is seeing me through is the way in which my colleagues are helping me through it. They are rallying around and helping as best they can. I just need longer arms to extricate the knives from my back. Now I know how Caesar felt on the Ides of March.

Isn’t human nature a wonderful thing?

Thankfully my customer has records of the promises that were made, but not fulfilled, and is just waiting to use them after everything is sorted out.

You can help bore people too

I have to do another sermon a week on Sunday. Pastor Chugabug is at a minister’s retreat for the first 3 daysof the week and will be to exhausted to prepare a sermon. I’m looking for ideas, all suggestions (however ridiculous) are welcome.

I was thinking of a "He’s coming get ready" type thing to tie in with John the Baptist and the heralding of Christ’s arrival. I can use this with Isaiah etc as a lead into advent. I’ll also be able to use adverts etc as illustrations and point out that He is the only thing that lived up to the hype surrounding His arrival.

If anyone has other ideas let me know.


One of the things that I find difficult somedays is marrying my beliefs with my immediate work. As I’m based at my customer’s premises it can be easy to blur the edges between my company’s responsibilities and my customer’s wishes.

There are times when I’m expected to withhold information that my customer would need, or to change its meaning to fit my company’s stance. I feel very uncomfortable about this and often hate being put in such a position. In reverse I’m know things that my company should know about but don’t.

I’d love to be able to tell everyone the complete truth all the time. Whether it damages the relationship between the two companies should not be an issue. Yet it is.

Do I want to put my position at risk? No. Do I want to lose my job? Only on my terms and when it suits me. So I suppose I just have to carry on as I am.