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Party Invite

Thanks to everyone who entered my “Guess what T&E said” competition. Unfortunately there were no winners, mainly because this is a family blog and those words can’t be used in polite company.

Today has been very enjoyable. My folks came for Sunday lunch. This was only FW’s second roast dinner. the other being 2 weeks ago. Contrary to Sad Sister’s prediction neither parent has died of food poisoning… so far!

Tonight we’ll be preparing for tomorrow. We are aiming to be in St Albans tomorrow evening to see a friend and then Canterbury on Tuesday evening to meet up with the other MX5 owners (Eunos to Japanese, and Miata to US, readers). Everything depends on the garage delivering on their promises.

Preparations are also underway for our Party in the Park next month, May 19th. The aim is to have a day of fun in Pontypool Park. Those who want can skive off to the house to watch the FA Cup Final. Others can admire the beauty of our new time.

Any wibloggers who haven’t received an invite, as we don’t have their e-mail address, please feel free to come along – children can be accomodated. Just leave a comment.

Well I’ll hopefully be able to tell you that we’ve got the car back and will be on our way.


Today has been one of trying to suppress feelings of seething anger. Why? Let me tell you:

At 16:00 yesterday I called the garage to arrange to collect Magda. Not ready as they hadn’t done the MOT. Could I collect on Monday? I pointed out that we due to go away on Monday for our holiday to Amsterdam – in Magda. Ok call back at 17:30.

Called back as requested. Still carrying out MOT but having problems with the emmissions. However this will only take 20 minutes to finish. I therefore arranged to collect the car on Saturday morning.

I arrived this morning full of hope. Guess what? Car not ready. It needs a little bit of welding to the sill and a new tyre. The emissions are a problem, probably down to a blowing exhaust. Then I discovered more……

They haven’t fitted the new radio.

They haven’t fitted the new speakers in the head rests.

They haven’t fitted the windblocker/soundboard.

They’ve only had the car since last Monday and done nothing apart from removing the seats and refitting them afterwards.

However they’ve promised to return the car for lunchtime on Monday.

Can you guess the words that I want to use???????

Good Cat News

Today was the first day of our holiday. To celebrate we took Che to the vets for a check-up. The vet was very impressed with the progress he’s made. He gets another check-up in two weeks and should then be free to return to his previous life.

He’s really getting fed up of being locked up in the room on his own and tries to escape at every opportunity. To make it more exciting his sister seems to be in cahoots with him; whenever he manages to escape she always appears to be there distracting us.

Like Yorshireman, I hoping to get some video games in this afternoon. I feel the need to drive around Moscow in my Porsche Boxster. The more I progress the better the cars get. The aim is to get to the Astons etc without having to cheat. Project Gotham is really a great addition to life.

You may not hear much from us next week as we’ll be travelling from Monday and may not be able to blog. However we’ll certainly have pics to show. That’s the good thing about driving abroad, you get to see the landscape and have time to enjoy it.

A Hard Day’s Night

Today has been very relaxing. I’ve been “working” at home. This meant dropping my car seats off at the garage; taking FW to the train station; installing Sad Sister’s wireless router; discovering that she was a CAT5 cable short; doing some work; visiting Comet for said lead; stopping for an ice cream; finding that Sad Sister’s PC has no Ethernet port; talking to Sad Sister; collecting FW from station; returning to Sad Sister’s for a loo break; stopping off for a Chinese.

Isn’t WORK fun?

Communication Breakdown, It’s Always The Same

This morning FW and I had to be up extra early. As my new MD was visiting my office this morning I had to be in Birmingham by 10:30. That meant being at the van rental company for 08:00 to collect the van and then over to the garage to collect my seats for recovering.

As I was driving to the petrol station, after collecting the seats, I decided to ring the office to confirm that I could be a little late if the traffic was bad. After all it is 120 miles from home to the office.

Guess my words of amazement when I was told that the visit had been put back to May 1st. It seems that everyone knew this on Friday but no one thought to tell me. We could have had at least another hour in bed instead of running round for no reason.


Yesterday saw us visiting the folks for lunch. We haven’t been able to see them for a few weeks, as they were away on a cruise. It was great to catch up. Mother has also been able to give FW tips on how to cook the joint to Dad’s exacting requirements for next Sunday’s lunch.

Today has been a combination of hectic and relaxing.

This morning we had to take Magda to the garage to have her MOT and some additions fitted, ready for Amsterdam. This meant that we had to go to Newport. Therefore we arranged to meet Sad Sister in Starbucks for coffee.

After stopping off at the supermarket we went home. This afternoon has been spent organising shipments and getting up to date with invoicing ready for our break. Tomorrow I get to meet our new MD. Should be an interesting experience.

T&E 2 Pheasants 1

I forgot to tell you all about my journey home on Wednesday afternoon.

I was driving along the B4077 from Stow to Tewkesbury, my favourite part of the week as the road is twisty and turny with opportunities to put your foot down and cruise. I was approaching the village of Ford, which requires you to slow down to 30 mph to pass through and to take a tight left hand turn.

As usual I was beginning to throttle back as I headed into the village and had a few cars close behind. Suddenly I saw a pheasant break cover and begin running over the road. I knew that whatever happened this bird was toast. The cars behind would have rear-ended me if I’d braked suddenly and there was oncoming traffic that meant I couldn’t swerve to avoid it. I therefore had no option other than to put my foot down and hit this bird with my offside wheel as hard as I could.

I do not believe in killing animals for no reason but if you have to sacrifice one then you do it as humanely as possible. As regular readers will know this is not the first occasion that Magda and I have encountered a suicidal pheasant. We now have a hit on each side of the car.

Later I was coming to the end of this section of road and getting ready to join the A46 near Ashchurch. Ahead of me is a Megane that suddenly swerves across the road. I see a small pheasant this time trying to cross over. This time I thought, “Not again, please!” As I thought this the pheasant ran out, sensed danger, and retreated very quickly, much to my great relief.

I think that its time that this government began to take an interest in rural and motoring affairs. Why are pheasants not educated about the dangers on country roads? Is there not a Green Cross Pheasant to teach them how to cross safely?

They should know that cars move faster than they do. Its not always possible to stop or swerve.

Winners and Not Just Sinners

Yesterday was rather hectic for us. However I still had time to do some serious driving. FW has been rather concerned over the last few days due to the amount of driving I’ve been doing. Then she became more concerned as I then started playing football. Then she got really worried when she started hearing artillery shells and bullets winging around the lounge.

Yes, I’ve managed to rescue my XBox from the cupboard of storage. This was preparation for 2 things:

1. I needed to retrieve my car radio and speakers from the cupboard ready for fitting into Magda tomorrow.

2. We needed to tidy the dining room in preparation for the arrival of FW’s new addition to the family – a Welsh Dresser. I’m sure a picture will emerge shortly for you.

So yesterday I had to take FW to the station to catch a train to Swansea for the Tong Len Quiz Night. She was helping Alice and Co. to set up. I was left behind to collect the Dresser from its old home. After running around for an hour and a half I had 10 minuts to sit down before I drove to Swansea.

I love quiz nights. No, I mean I realy, really, really, really LOVE!!!!! quiz nights. Not just because I’m a smart a***d git but I love pitting my wits against others. Last night was no let down. Thanks to everyone on our team for helping us to do so well. Many thanks especially to FW, Lemly & Invertebrate as together we made a great team.

There is something that is great about having an evening with friends, raising money for charity and feeling that you have done something good and worthwhile with your time. In all we raised close on £900 for Tong Len and helped take Mike’s dream closer to reality. We are helping to ensure that his, and more importantly God’s, work is carrying on.

For those who maybe interested it was a close run evening. At the penultimate round it was level pegging between us and We’ve Got Wood, our “friendly” rivals. The choice for the final round was movies or TV quiz shows. Thankfully the chosen option was movies. As soon as we saw their answers, when we were marking, we knew we’d run. Thanks to Lemly & Invertebrate for providing the winning answer.

Yes, WE WON…… What’s more I had no need to do my normal over exuberent celebrations. I wasn’t totally gracious in victory but made sure that I didn’t rub people’s nose in defeat.

Without Team Wood the evening wouldn’t have been so much fun. It injected a good level of competition and friendly rivalry. Cheers to all on Team Wood for such a good contest.

On Death And One Proposed Tax

With all the events that have been happening throughout the world in the last few weeks I thought that, with my own odd humour, I’d relate some fun about death.

This will not be news to our American Cousins, who have been going through this for a few years, but the UK is getting fatter. I know ‘cos I am, sort of, one of those people – I’m slowly starting to lose weight, mainly around the wallet. There are of course consequences to this expansion.

For one thing is that we only have a finite area of land for us to cover on our island. Maybe we could rent space from Russia, America, Canada or Australia and tow it over. This would then provide greater room for our expansion.

Another is illustrated in a news story on the BBC website. When we die we’re clogging up the crematoria with our expanded bodies. Local councils are having problems incinerating our earthly remains as most crematoria were constructed in the days when we were much slimmer. The average coffin was 16-20″ wide but its now becoming more common for coffins to be 40″+ in width. Therefore they need to buy new crematorias to accomodate the new coffins.

Bodies, thankfully in “wooden overcoats”, are being shipped around the country for incineration. There is only one large crematoria in Scotland and Lewisham, in South London, are taking coffins from Gloucestershire – Hi Pants – and West Midlands – Hi Steve.

In addition it will take more fuel to incinerate each body, plus the additional carbon footprint from moving them around the country. Therefore being a “porker” is not environmentally friendly. Therefore I suggest that the Chancellor introduces a new stealth tax on such bodies. He already double taxes us on our estate so why not our disposal?

I think that this should be called the GREEN PORKER TAX….

Apologies to any people who may feel insulted by this post. It is meant to be light hearted. I can’t help it if you’re overally sensitive 😉