Fun Living

I have found a new way to get things for free – I have joined Amazon Vine as a reviewer. I get to receive books etc for free but have to review at least 75% of what I recieve.

So far I’ve received a model of a heart and three books. Don’t worry family/friends, they will not be passed off as presents. It is also a good way for me to read/use/listen to things that I’d otherwise wouldn’t.  Plus I enjoy writing the reviews and try to be as honest as possible.

I have noticed that some “reviewers” have a very imaginative way of reviewing books – they just copy the summary off the back or other reviews. I also hate the e-mails I sometimes recieve from publishers/publicists asking me to provide positive reviews for things I wouldn’t touch.

I just wish people would pay me for doing it. I’d be only to happy to read books, listen to music or watch films/TV for a living. I know that I’d never get tired of it. I also hope that I’d never be as narrow minded as some reviewers – aka Cosmo Landesman from The Times; not all popular films are rubbish you know.