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Bless Me Father For I Have Sinned

It  is 11 days since my last post. Unfortunately this was not voluntary as we have had a problem with a certain internet provider who do not know how to use a direct debit. I won’t say who they are because I don’t want to offend them – You’ve Got Mail!

Things have been busy since we met Tractor Girl in Cardiff last week. FW’s car blew a tyre as my father, Stroppy Boy and I were on our way to the rugby in Pontypridd last Saturday. Mother had to bring their car to collect us from Kwik Fit so we could go to an alternative match while she took FW to her hospital appointment. So we missed Pooler narrowly losing to Pontypridd, by 1 point.

Then FW went to Swansea for a dedication service on Sunday. I took the chance to stay in bed as I was very, very tired. So I had an easy day, got the Times and watched the sport until she came home.

Then on Monday afternoon we had a trustee’s meeting for the plot. So I had to escape work early to fit things in. However we had a good meeting and have a plan of action for the next few months to get things in place to begin taking people on as “clients”.

Today FW went to Mepton Shallet for a craft show with Sad Sister and I went to the rugby with my dad and the Troublesome Trucks to see us beat Bridgend and move above them in the table. We know to get some points away to Swansea and Cardiff to survive. Things are looking much better than 5 weeks ago.

I’m in Bristol for training next monday-Wednesday. I’m seriously thinking of driving from Bristol to Swansea on Wednesday night to see if Pooler can keep the run going.

Kat is currently at the vets trying to see if she can be made well enough for our grand tour of France which will happen in just over 2 weeks time. We are aiming to drive to Normandy for a few days, have a week in a Gite in Limoges and hopefully call on the French Wiblogger in Lyon before travelling back via the Somme.


So please forgive and I promise to write again soon and take lots of pics of france for you.

Caring Society

It always annoys me when people tell me that, as a Christian, I should not be a Conservative voter. I am told that Socialism is nearer to Christianity as it is more inclusive and caring. Alternatively I should think about voting Liberal Democrat but we all know that’s just a wasted vote – don’t we Tractor Girl????  🙂

So imagine my feelings of smugness as I drove home tonight. You can read the story here if you like Alcoholics on Benefitsor for those too lazy here is a summary.

The government are proposing that any alcoholics who are claiming state benefits should be denied them unless they get treatment. On paper that’s a laudable aim but in reality?


If you are on benefits then you don’t have any other income, so how do you get money to buy groceries, rent etc?

Another problem is that the government are happy to fund drug treatments but there is a great shortage of assistance for alcoholics. There are just not enough treatment centres or courses available now, let alone in the future. So what happens, are their benefits cut because there is no course available?

James Purnell, the government minister, says that the government want to help people. So how does removing benefits assist anyone? Of course, the main reason is that they want to get them “back to work”. The fact there are no jobs to go back too doesn’t seem to occur to them! 

If this was a Conservative policy then the Labour party would be on all the TV channels, on the radio, in the papers and on blogs shouting about how heartless the policy is. Yet this government seems happy to inflict this policy on people. Even though charities have been calling for investment in alcohol programmes the government have ignored their requests.

Once again though they announce a programme before starting to put the tools in place. So they punish people and then they’ll compound the problem by not having the treatment programmes available.

Is this really a programme that is “Christlike” in origin? What would Jesus do? Well he’d probably draw our attention to the hypocrites who are full of air and not deeds. You can’t preach love and community while punishing the poorest people struggling to make ends meet.

Well, you can if you’re a Socialist!!

Life Flows On

This week has been particularly busy and stressful. My colleague has been away but work has really taken off as we have won some major new accounts. In addition I’ve had a few problems with people not doing what they should do.

One problem we have is that hauliers from a certain country who don’t do what they promise, don’t return calls and don’t think that it’s important to do the opposite of what is wanted. What has really caused problems is that 2 have decided not to follow the instructions that all our drivers have to adhere to.

I have spent a few hundred pounds having handling procedures translated into almost every major European language. Failure to follow could cause damage ranging from $100k to $1.5m. Then they wonder why we get upset when they do something wrong.

Today is of course Good Friday and a public holiday. Which is why I was at work at 8 this morning trying to catch up.

Life is….

running fairly well at the moment. Apart from Kat deciding that she doesn’t want to work at present, so a visit to the vet is on the cards.

We had good news in work this week. Yesterday an old customer announced that they were returning, providing they don’t deal with my colleague. Then today a new customer announced that they were so impressed with our trial that we would be getting the rest of their shipments. That is two big gains this week.

My colleague is annoying other people in the office and doesn’t realise how difficult he can be for others to work with. I don’t think that there anyone who is not looking forward to his retiring next year. It is a horrible thing to say, and feel, as he is such a nice guy. Yet we’re all looking forward to him being off next week.


History Today:

1867: Singapore becomes a British colony.

1891: The Wrigley Company is formed in Chicago.

1924: Adolf Hitler is sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for his part in the Bierhaller Putsch in Munich. He’ll be out in 2 and will get the chance to write a great piece of German literature; unfortunately he writes Mien Kampf instead – though it will have an amazing effect on the world.

1937: Aden becomes a British colony.

1945: US troops land on Okinawa.

1975: Apple computers is founded. Another bunch of geeks intent on world dominiation by the spread of technology that will tie you onto their products.

1990: Prisoners at Strangeways in Manchester start a riot and a siege that will last 25 days.

2001: Former leader of Serbia, Slobodan Milosevic, is arrested in Belgrade. He’ll die in capativity before he is found guilty of war crimes.