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Being a follower of politics I often have to laugh at the idiots who are our elected leaders.

This week has seen the Liberal Democrats, or as I like to call them a JOKE, have been having their annual conference. For those not acquainted with British a party conference, this is where people with no lives, or in touch with reality, descend on a British holiday “resort” – for “fashionable” city – to discuss politics, get p****d and have sex with other morons.

As a result many politicians lose touch with reality even more and say really silly things. Today the Liberal Democrat leader – Mr Nick “Who the **** is he” Clegg (a complete non-entity) – has been telling everyone that he has the “strength” and “resolve” to make the “savage” cuts necessary to save us from the Labour induced budget deficit.

Can someone explain how a crisis, that was caused by over extended borrowing and irresponsible lending, can be solved by over extended borrowing and irresponsible lending?

Today we were brought the declaration that Mr Negg expects to be “the next Prime Minister”. This follows that great declaration from David Steele – “Go home and prepare for government”.

It is always good to find politicians who have a sense of humour and the surreal.

I know expect a certain “young” lady in Durham to be rude and objectionable in response 🙂

Better Late Than Never

Apologies for the lack of postings recently. Things have been moving at a fair pace in work.

Work colleague announced last week that he would be retiring on 9th October. Things moved a lot quicker than everyone was expecting, especially after it was decided not to replace him. Therefore there was no need for him to remain to train his replacement – a non starter to begin with.

So for the next two weeks he’ll be visiting his customers and saying goodbye. However I get no help until he has left and we can reallocate work with my colleague who is going to help me out.

Personally I can’t wait. I need to slow down and take time to breathe.

While I’ve been away I’ve read: Fire & Steam by Christian Wolmar (a history of the railway in Britain); Eleven Minutes Late by Matthew Engel (disappointing as it is billed as a book about a train journey around modern Britain but spends more time covering the history of British rail – not to be read so soon after Wolmar); The Dead Rise Not by Philip Kerr (another in his Bernie Gunter series – a German private eye in 30’s Berlin and after).

I’ve now started the 4th Shardlake novel – Revelation.

Why don’t people realise that the rugby season has started?

This week I have had 2 invitations to attend events in other cities not that far from home. However both events were arranged for tomorrow afternoon. Don’t people think to look at the Pontypool fixture list before inviting me?

Having said that I did go to the away match last weekend.

In other news….

Work Colleague is definitely going. He has a meeting with our HR manager on Monday afternoon and they will hopefully decide on a leaving date.


Tomorrow my wife is leaving me for another man. She is going to be alone with a friend’s husband – not even an invite for the abandoned spouses.

They will be rolling down a hill in a sphere – alone, together, unchapperoned, without Christian supervision.

The funny things is that she is accompanying Penfold in a giant Hamster Ball……. Cripes Chief!!!!!!

Now I’m in trouble…..


I’m currently wondering how I’m going to fit everything that I want to do into an increasingly decreasing time allocation. I want to start doing more things in the evenings and on the weekends but I can’t decide exactly what I want to give my time to.

I am already booked for 14 sermons next year, with the possibility of more to come. This is something that I want to do as much of as possible. As such my theology course will need to take a more prominent role. This means that I will have to free up time for preparation.

In addition I want to begin doing more with my model railway ambitions as a release from work and study.

Yet I still need to find a way help FW with the allotment project and other things -or decide that my role needs to be handed onto someone else.

Work has taken a not quite unexpected turn as I have been told that my colleague will be taking early retirement. As far as my bosses are concerned they want this to happen sooner rather than later. However my boss announced that he will not be replaced in the immediate future.

His idea is that one of the girl’s takes on his work and helps me. My concern is that if we take on further accounts then I won’t be able to cope with my work and helping her out. She does not have the experience on my side of the business and would therefore necessitate more involvement on my part.

At present this doesn’t sound ideal to me as I am already stretched but understand that we currently don’t have sufficient work for 2 people but to much for 1.

The Weekend

The weekend was very relaxing, even though we had a nephew a day on Saturday and Sunday. Having said that having Shouty Boy here on Sunday and Monday meant that we got many of those Bank Holiday jobs done.

Shouty finished painting under the sink and the outlet pipe for us. He helped FW to put “frosting” onto the bathroom window, so we have removed our “classy” shopping bag “curtains”. Then he helped us to put the pictures up that have been waiting for the past 6 months or so.

Both Shouty and Stroppy have offered to help paint when we do the office next.

Today I have taken the day off so that I can have a rest from work to recharge. Of course, having a mobile and Elderberry don’t always help 🙂