They Seem to Follow You Around

A Happy New Year to one and all.

The New Year will start as i don’t intend it to go on. Tomorrow I have to go to work. The reason is that I was snowed in for 2 days this week and have a mountain of work to catch up on. My colleague has been off since the 15th and work has, inevitably piled up.

We went to see FW’s family on Boxing Day for a few days. My sister in law’s birthday is on that day, the day after mine. Therefore it is almost compulsory for us to attend – especially as it was an important milestone this year. So we asked the neighbours to look after the cats while we were away.

The first tme they did this was when FW and I went to London in November. On that occasion Mrs Next Door came over to feed the cats for the first tome and went into the kitchen. She felt a presence behind her and saw a shape and ran out of the door. She ran to get her husband who, being a brave man, stood outside our door while she went back in – only to find Dr Who standing in our entrance hall.

The remarkable thing is that every time she has been in since she has felt that his eyes follow her around…

This time she came in to hear a voice saying “Hello? Hello?” Only to be surprised as I appeared from the dark living room to greet her. She was surprised as she’d forgotten that I was home on the Monday.

Last night I went into te little boy’s room to do what little boys do. I was most unnerved to find that I was being watched. On the windowsill was a Stig watching me. Even though his visor is dark you wouldn’t think that his eyes could follow you around but they do…..

I already had to get FW to move the starfish and lobster on the cistern as their eyes did the same!

3 thoughts on “They Seem to Follow You Around

  1. Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t all out to get you. Mwahaahaha.

  2. i think you might consider baking your neighbor a homemade apple pie or something… all those eyes in your house are scary!!! 😛

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