While lying in bed this morning our thoughts turned to earthquakes. This was brought about by FW reading her Christmas present – QI Big Book of Ignorance (or some such title). She had just read that the UK has over 300 earthquakes a year but they are so small that we only feel about 10% of them.

Then I told her that things would get worse for us with global warming. FW couldn’t understand the connection or understand how rising sea levels, temperatures and CO2 emissions could make a difference.

I then pointed out that there would be greater movement in the Tectonic Plates as they moved around the world more frequently following the changes in weather patterns. This would be down to the fact that the UK would be a much more pleasing place to visit with the temperature and weather changes.

FW pointed out that I didn’t mean Tectonic Plates but Tutonic Morons…..

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