Monthly Archives: March 2010


Apologies for the absence but work has been a virtual nightmare and I lost my Google bookmarks in Firefox.

As of St David’s Day I now work in my firm’s Bristol office. I must say that I am, after the first week, less tired, less stressed and more relaxed. As I said to my first manager, I actually feel that I want to come to work every day now. Let’s hope it lasts.

A fortnight before saw the demise of Kat, our Cougar. She finally gave up the ghost and died on the way to work one morning. Thankfully she has not been scrapped but donated to a young trainee mechanic who needed a car to practise on.

So we now have a new addition to the family. I’ll say more soon. Just to say that we had to go to South Devon to get her.

I’m also reunited with a colleague I first worked with when I started in the shipping/transportation industry 20 years ago. As he lives in Newport we now carshare to work. This is great as it helps me to satisfy my environmental desire.

It is not feasible to get to work by public transport, as it would involve walking the 2 miles to the railway station and 2 changes each way on the train. Then an uphill walk on the way home. If you’d seen our hill you’d know why that is a problem.