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This weekend FW is off to visit friends in that posh Spa town in Gloucestershire. For the day and a bit she is away I get to write a sermon and then give it. At lease it is a bank holiday so I get to recover on Sunday afternoon and Monday.

I am still being an idiot as I am writing a new sermon for every service, even when I could get away with recycling one given elsewhere. I think that I actually enjoy the process and want to keep things fresh, if only for me. I also think that it is the Spirit that provides what is said – it must be because most of the time my initial ideas never get into the sermon.

However I have realised that trying to cram a sermon into a working week can be a difficult thing to do. I take time to think about what I would like to say and find myself thinking about things during quiet times in work and at home.

I’m also a believer that a sermon is as much about trying to interpret the message into our modern life. That doesn’t mean watering down the message, or changing the meaning, but finding out how those events, or lessons, can impact today. I also think that just lecturing the congregation, as one of our lay-preachers does, means that many turn off.

If we can’t apply the message of our faith into our lives then how is it relevant to us and, more importantly, those who do not believe?

Welcome Belladonna

This is proof that I am a true petrolhead…..

This is our new addition to the family. We’ve actually had her for 3 months but she is a real Alfa and, as such, has spent most of it in the garage being repaired and returned to proper mechanical condition. She returns to us next week.

I have had to compromise on my “green” designs as she is the 2.5ltr petrol version but, as I car share on my commute using our other car 4 days a week, I think that I can justify the purchase.

So we are preparing for our Big World Tour 2010. First Leeds to visit Caring For Life; then Aber to visit a friend; then Swanage with the Troublesome Trucks and then we aim to visit Cambridge, to reclaim my wedding ring. Unfortunately it only covers the UK and we have had to forego our planned trip to France.

Other venue suggestions would be welcome 🙂

Flashforward – Miss Lisa Read the Bottom

The end is coming to Flashforward and, like many other series, it looks like ABC Studios have decided to leave it at series 1. I bet the writers didn’t see that in their Flashforward 😉

Unfortunately this is a problem that is becoming more and more frequent with US series. It used to be that a US network would give greater support than those in the UK, or elsewhere. Yet there have been several recent series that have been cancelled – Men in Trees is one such example. What worries me is will the series actually have an ending or will be left unfufilled?

Heroes had the opposite problem. It was supposed to end at series 1 but was so successful that they had to rewrite the ending to leave things open for series 2. So the cliffhamger at the end of series 1 was a bit of a damp squid. Then things just got worse as the writers became to clever in trying to extend the story.

We’re also enjoying Cougar Town, with Courtney Cox Arquette, and Justified, with Timothy Oliphant. The plus for the latter is that it is based on an Elmore Leonard story, one of my all time favourite writers and one who is so hard to translate well onto the screen (big or small).

It is also good to see that Sky, our satellite monopoly, is actually starting to produce some good TV – and not just relying on US buy-ins, The Simpsons and c*** reality/documentary shows. We’re soon to get Going Postal by Terry Pratchett and Strike Back has been a good translation of a Chris Ryan story – Boy’s Own adventure at a good level.

In fact, things are so good at present that our Sky+ box is working overtime most days.

Miss Lisa – I’m not against people trying to speak in non native accents. My own exaggerated attempts at a Welsh accent often travels to Indian or Pakistani – and I’m Welsh!!! At least he didn’t try the usual “posh” English accent. Neither was it as laughable as many others – Dick van Dyke for instance!!

New Beginnings

Last night FW and I went to see the new Robin Hood film and were suitably impressed. The only, slight, downside was Mr Crowe’s widely travelled accent – it seemed to move from the East Midlands to Ireland on occasion. Having said that it is a great improvement on Mr Costner’s awful attempt at “Hollywoodising” the story.

It was odd to have Will Scarlet played by a red headed Welshman. However you coould see the influence of former Hoods, including the story starting with Robin at Richard’s final siege, as per Robin & Marion.

However it was a “prequel” and there is the hope that Ridley & Russell will follow it up with possibly 2 more, if this one does well enough at the box office.

I also remembered why I dislike the cinema – people. The ones who insist on talking, even in whispers, or getting up and down to use the loo/answer their (silent) mobiles. This has always irritated me, no surprise there then!!

However I do realise how much better a film is on the big screen. So I now resolve to attend the cinema at least once a month from now on – if the quality films are there, or the odd trash one.

I think that Four Lions should be next.

A Press Release From the Supreme Leader (Ex)

(With apologies to Private Eye)


I have decided that our work to renew, and put the “Great” back into, Britain has been completed. I was humbled at the way in which the electorate took me to its heart by overwhelmingly rejecting me as Supreme Leader. At least I managed to get three years in power before allowing the British electorate to rubber stamp my appointment.

Therefore I felt that this was the right time to handover the position to someone younger, and far less capable than I, to lead the country towards utter devistation and penury. It is therefore with great happiness that I handover the country, in a much worse state than I received it, and look forward to seeing the Cameron-Letwin-Orsbornist claque, with their new poodle Clegg the lick spittle, fail miserablly.

To those of you who failed to support me during the recent plebiscite I leave you with these thoughts….

You’ll be sorry, you ungrateful, untrusting turncoats. In the words of General Douglas MacArthur Park (who left his cake out in the rain) “I will not return”, no matter how much you beg. I was your last, best hope of steering the country back to the future and healing the wounds that I had created.

I have to thank so many people for everything that I achieved without their help. To former Comrade Bliar, who kept me out of office for so long and then left me with the mess that I had created. To my friends at Goldman Sachs, and others in the City, who did so much to bring about the financial collapse by allowing me to not regulate them properly.

To former Comrades Clark, Hewitt and Hoon who stabbed me in the back, front and sides. To Comrade Mandelbrott who helped us to achieve so much in our election campaign and allowed me to completely ruin everything by meeting that awful woman in Rochdale and encouraging me to take part in my highly successful appearances on the Leaders debate, where I won every debate by agreeing with Nick.

So I leave you to fend without my guiding hand, manipulating your lives. I leave you with the thought that I did more than anyother leader to bring government into the centre of your lives. Without my paranoia you would not have so many CCTV cameras, stop and search powers, intrusion and control over your lives.

You have now got what you deserve.

A word from Comrade Mandelbrott…. You’ll suffer for this. He may have been a useless, bullying, arrogant, incompetent, loose lipped idiot but he was the best puppet that I was able to control at this time. Remember that I know where all you traitors live!!!! I will be back to control the new Party Leader and will have my revenge.


We have been computerless for a month and work allows me to read the Wibsite but not post anythng, other than comments. Thankfully our laptop has now been returned repaired. I didn’t realise how much I would miss the laptop until it died.