Happy Day

Today has been realtively quiet in work, BOO!!!! However I ahd a phone call this afternoon that brightened things up no end.

Someone I know set up a transport company last year. I was his first big customer and they have grown by leaps and bounds in the year. So much so, that he called today to tell me to buy the Western Mail – the national rag of Wales.

Normally I wouldn’t bother as I don’t think that it is worth the money. Yet, when I opened the Business in Wales supplement, there he was staring out at me. It was a very good 2 page article that really “bigged” him and his company up.

It also gave me a good feeling because here was someone I knew being built up and lauded for making a success from starting a business in a recession. Yet it also showed that his head is firmly planted on his shoulders and he hasn’t been overtaken by a successful start.

The article on the front of the paper was about Wales needing more successful and highly paid people. Wales is a country with a narrow gap between the low and high earning brackets. This sounds like a good thing but actually isn’t.

Wales lacks the high earning band of people who are usually recognised as the entrepeneurs. I’m not talking about bankers and such but about people who start businesses from scratch and create jobs, as well as personal wealth.

50% of our working population are employed by the public sector and this is much higher than the rest of the UK but also a dangerous level in a recession. Where will they be as government cuts budgets and costs? If people are made redundant from public service where are the alternative jobs in the private sector? Ok so Tesco, Asda (Walmart) or someone else may open stores but they aren’t exactly rewarding jobs.

So it is good to see that there are people out there looking to build businesses. What we need are more of them. People offering careers that will be rewarding and worthwhile for people leaving school or wanting an alternative. People who can offer jobs that are engaging and demanding and give a sense of accomplishment.

So if you know anyone who needs a container moved, let me know and I’ll pass things on 🙂

One thought on “Happy Day

  1. 😀 . Wonderful news; thanks for sharing.

    And such things are great; a friend of mine recently started her own business and it is doing well already — as you write, good to see people building businesses, and as her friend it gives me a buzz to see her doing so well.

    Hope and pray all goes well for Wales; I was not aware of the percentage of public sector jobs.

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