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Days of Future Present Past

Over the last week I have been giving some thought to my future. Things need to change and very soon. I haved ploughed a rut that needs to be filled and left.

So I have to do a few things this week and speak to a few people to see if my thoughts can be acted on. If they can then life will take a more exciting and, hopefully, rewarding turn for the better.

In other news…..

Our trip to Edinburgh has had to be postponed due to unforeseen circumstance. We received a card inviting us to a wedding (not the district in Berlin, worse luck) in Dunstable. DUNSTABLE??? Who would choose to get married in Dunstable??? (If the person reads this, then obviously someone with taste and intelligence!!)

It also means that we won’t get to see Wales v Australia, which is on the same day (Boo!!!!)

However the person will be moving to……


Holiday Update

I have 5 days of my holiday to go before returning to work. Since returning I have managed to do almost nothing constructive, that’s what holidays are for.

Today we went for lunch at a local pub – The Hall Inn in Gwehelog near Usk. This is a great place to eat as the food is superb, you have proper portions and it is very good value. I especially love the Steak & Kidney Pudding – you only get it on a weekday lunchtime though.

So far I have finished reading: Low Life, Spies of The Balkans, Nemesis, and Potsdam Station. I’m just finishing Paris After The Liberation: 1944-1949.

To keep me going I have to read, and review, The Perfect Nazi: Uncovering My SS Grandfather’s Secret Past and How Hitler Seduced a Generation. I love the Amazon Vine Programme as I get free books and things, providing I review them afterwards. It is very hit and miss as to the quality you get. Low Life was one of them and seemed to be Memento meets Fight Club.

The worse book I have selected was A Grasp of Kaspar. This was one of the most over hyped and dreadfully written books I can remember. Almost as bad as the Da Vinci Code. My review is on the site under Argghhhhh!!!!!

Tomorrow I have to watch a Dolph Lundgren DVD and review that. I’ll let you know how “good” that is at some point in the future. Mind you I did select it on the grounds that it should be good for a laugh and cringe if nothing else. I am not expecting something to rival Citizen Kane or The Godfather.


We have returned from our visit to Yokeland with our nephews – still in one piece and, relatively, sane. Here is a picture of the beach.

In order to commute from our private and exclusive campsite we had to travel using the Swanage Railway. Which appeals to all of us and we were told by the Troublesome Trucks that we had to use it at least twice while we were there.

On the Tuesday we visited Monkey World. I’ll be honest and say that it wasn’t as exciting as I’d hoped. This was mainlky because they seemed to have so many of the same varities. Plus you are not allowed to hold them or feed them to the crocidiles (plus there are no crocs or alligators). In addition there was an extreme shortage of penguins!!!!

Wednesday was spent at the beach. I managed to get myself sunburnt on my legs and knees – yes, my knees were bared to the public, as was my chest. There were reports on South Today that the Japanese Whaling Fleet had appeared mysteriously in the English Channel.

We could also see the Isle of Smudgie from the beach but she has gone to London to live, so it has lost its interest.

Thursday was spent in Poole. We went to see

I must say that I was looking forward to seeing Knight & Day but this was a great way to spend 2 hours on a Thursday afternoon. It was very true to the original and looks like it has been set up for a sequel. Murdoch is especially true to the original and we find out why B.A. became afraid of flying. If that had happened to me then I think I would be as well.

Friday morning saw us at the local pool in Wareham. Partly for a swim but also for the use of their shower facilities. FW spent the afternoon with her sister while the Troublesome Trucks and I went to the Tank Museum. Here you see the history of the tank from a design by Leonardo di Caprio (which wouldn’t have worked) right through to the most modern design.

The boys wanted to see the Sherman but I wanted to see the Tiger family – the King Tiger is as fearsome to look at as its reputation. It just seems to dwarf every other type of tank that it came up against. This was definitely a great way to spend an afternoon, if you like such things. Plus I can go again for free within the next 12 months.

Now the big question we were asked…….

Did it make you want to have kids?

No, it didn’t. It made us appreciate the decision we have made but also showed that the holiday does get an added dimension when you have children with you, that is much different – in a very good way. It also shows that we can cope with the Troublesome Trucks and would be happy to go away with them again.

Only next time maybe we’ll take their parents as well…..


I am currently on day 2 of my holiday. So far I have:

Done Nothing
Achieved everything that I set out to do i.e. nothing

Tomorrow I aim to continue in the same way – though I need to write a sermon for Sunday evening. I also need to make room for Ivor The Engine, who is appearing at the Pontypool and Blaenavon Railway on the weekend – yes the real engine, not a fake.

Monday sees us head off to Swanage for the week with the Troublesome Trucks. We then have another week off to recover.