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A Follow Up

Saturday Mrs T&E had gone to Swansea for a friend’s birthday. So I went to the rugby with my dad and youngest nephew. Then I had tea at my sister’s before wending my way home.

I spent the evening catching up with recorded TV and Match of The Day before deciding that I really should go to bed. On the bed were Che and Lima, making sure that I only had a small area to fit into. So I pulled back the duvet and climbed in.

I felt something under the cover against my foot. Looking down I saw a dead field mouse. In Mrs T&E had been there then there may well have a cry of “Mouse in the bed! Mouse in the bed!” Instead I removed said mouse and went to sleep.

At “Oh my God it’s early” o’clock I was woken by the catflap closing and Che jumping on the bed and making happy sounds. I rolled over and went to sleep.

Upon waking I sat up to re-read my last Robert Crais book, The First Rule, and began reading. Over the top of the book I could see something lying on the bed.

It was small and brown and looked remarkably like another mouse. Indeed it was another mouse. 2 mice in one night and without Mrs T&E to remove the bodies….

Horrible People

A few years ago Mrs T&E used to like Ricky Gervais. The Office and Extras were great comedy but also had a bite to them. You got the impression that Gervais was showing us how horrible some people could be.

Then we saw a “live” concert and thought that Gervais came across as a rather horrid person. We thought that this was a persona until we saw him on a few chat shows. Then we started to grow dislike him as we saw that his “comedy” persona was actually how he is in real life.

Now he has been advertising his new show An Idiot Abroad. He he sends his friend and sidekick, Karl Pilkington, off to various countries to “expand” his horizons. What it actually seems to be about is finding various ways to ridicule and upset his “friend”. From this Gervais extracts great humour, if only for himself.

So we have someone exploiting someones naivete for profit. Yes, there will be plenty of people for him this will be worthwhile entertainment. Thankfully I can also find something else on TV that is actually more worthwhile to watch. Expoliting someone for self gratification has never been my idea of fun.

Now, if I had a friend like Gervais, then I would feel a sudden urge to kill the smarmy git!

The Dove Has Departed

Following my post yesterday i have noticed that it is no longer possible to visit the Dove World Outreach Center. I was interested to see if they had published my response, knowing the outcome really. However you are no longer able to connect with their site on the globalwideinterwebnetthingy.

Whether their ISP took them out or they collapsed under the weight of criticism, obscene comments or threats I don’t know. Maybe the were destroyed by the B52’s I sent over to bomb them back to the stone age (c Pentagon media spokesnong). Maybe my shock and awe tactics, i.e. being kind and thoughtful, completely overwhelmed them.

I pray that they will actually see sense and call off their protest/action. Unfortunately the damage has been done. No one will remember if they called it off, only that they wanted to do it. Instead of drawig people in they have alienated themselves but also damaged the wider church.

As it said in the BBC coverage, one of the weaknesses of the “Free Church” movement is that there is no over-riding authority but each church answers only to themselves. Therefore people are free to highjack Christianity to push their own warped and dangerous ideas. There will always be someone out their who will follow.

So Saturday could see the burning of the Koran. As that great philosopher Heine said: If you burn books today, you burn people tomorrow. That was 200 years before the Holocaust. It starts with little things and slowly builds from there. That is how it began in Germany in the 1930’s.

It may seem rather dramatic but that is what history teaches us. People will stand by and let things escalate. Muslims would be demonised, excluded from things and then segregated more and more. Look at the way the French have treated the Romanys – has taken 2 years beofre the world noticed.

Epistle to The Dove World Outreach Center

I do not expect to see this published on their blog or to receive a reply from my e-mail that I also sent to them.

Greetings in brothers and sisters in Christ.

We are one and the same body through the sacrifice of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. As we suffer together we also share happiness together. As we rejoice together so we also face ridcule and persecution.

When we follow the Lord we walk in His way and follow His teachings. We are here to shine a light in the darkness and to act as salt to add flavour to a tasteless world. It is our duty to show others how the compassion, love and forgiveness of Jesus can change the world.

As we are told in Matthew 7 v 1-2: “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

So we are to be careful how we judge others and do not overlook our own sins. We need to remember that when we judge others, people also judge us by our actions. If we are self righteous in our judgement then others will see Christ reflected in this. That is not what Christ is about.

We are human and we react as humans, even as Christians. Our judgement is not “righteous” there is only one Righteous Judge and that is God. As we are told in Psalm 7 v 8: Let the Lord judge the peoples. Judge me, O LORD, according to my righteousness, according to my integrity.

Therefore we have no right to judge others by Christ’s standards because we are not Christ.

We are also taught that we should love our neighbour as ourself. Is this how you choose to love your neighbour? Do you really loath yourself so much? Yes, the world is split into those who are believers and those who are not. Yet we are not hear to insult those who believe differently to us. We are here to show them the greater love that could be their’s by believing in Christ.

Does your hatred of fundamentalist Islam stop you from seeing that you are equally hateful in the eyes of others? Is this really the Christlike image you wish to project?

We do not need to be accepting of those who are sinful, hateful or persecute us. Yet we have a weapon that is far stronger than any that they may possess – we have the love of Christ. Have you thought why they hate us? Because the love of Christ shows how sinful and retched they are, and this scares them.

I understand how horrifying the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon was to Americans. You finally came face to face with the terrorism that the rest of the world has faced for years. As a trusting and welcoming people this must have shaken your foundations. How could people do this to you?

Yet is the burning of the Koran really the way to show Muslims the love and forgiveness of Christ? Do you wonder why they distrust the Western World so much? Your reaction only angers them and provides evidence to the radical elements that Christians want to destroy Islam. So you are perpetuating the hatred by your actions.

Do you not also consider the members of your own country who are face to face with Muslims day after day? Those people who are serving your country in Iraq and Afghanistan will bear the brunt of the reaction from those elements – not you in Florida. Do you want their deaths and injuries on your conscience?

Are you not surprised that Christians throughout the world are angered and ashamed of your reaction? You are like the Pharisees of Christ’s age – blinded by your own self righteousness. You do not recognise that the Christ you worship is not the Christ who came to Earth to save all mankind, without favour. We are all sinners and fallen short of God’s grace.

So please hear the call of your brothers and sisters in Christ and turn away from your planned event. Consider the full impact of what you would do on your countrymen and your fellow believers.

By your deeds you will be known. Please think carefully on this. You are loved as members of Christ’s family and what you do reflects on all of us.