Monthly Archives: October 2010


There is one thing that has always bugged me about my job and that is the endless jargon that people come out with.

In a meeting a few months ago I was with some “Logistics Professionals” who talked in acronyms, anagrams and random phrases. They all knew what they were talking about but no one else did.

What made it worse that some of their acronyms and anagrams actually mean something different tyo other people, so you could see the customer looking more and more perplexed.

Now look at The Apprentice. Here we have “the most successful and promising talent in UK business”. Actually what we really have are a bunch of power hungry, unimpressive, over achieving idiots and rejects. No one I know would ever employ such a bunch of muppets (apologies to the Henson family here) that have ever walked God’s earth.

I am convinced that they represent the lowest level of the human gene pool – if the dinosaurs had such species then no wonder they evaporated in thin earth.

Listening to one of the girls prepare and give her presentation last nigh you could hear the vacous management speak in every sentence. Nothing meant what you thought and seemed to ahve nothing to do with the product.

You want to know why we have a global recession? Watch The Apprentice and weep.


I have started to notice that I’m growing old. You can see it in my beard and when I stand up after being sat in one position for a long period. My boss loves to see me creak and groan as I stumble off to get a drink.

This weekend also saw me struggling to cope with a general malaise that seemed to centre on a bad head, an upset stomach and a feeling of wanting to be sick – yet not being able to.

I must have been ill because I didn’t go to the rugby on Saturday. Instead I spent the afternoon on the settee and then went to bed at 5 for a few hours in the hope of feeling better.

This had a slight impact on the weekend.

Sunday morning at 11:00 I was due to preach at a harvest service. Sunday morning at 07:30 I git up and went down stairs to write my sermon. At 10:00 I printed it off.

I will say that this is my least prepared and, to my mind, worst sermon I have given. There were far more visitors in the congregation and little children. The message was aimed at the wrong people. I was even cringing as I preached.

This Saturday we’re in Aberystywch and then have to drive back to Newport for my sister’s **th birthday meal. Sunday evening I have another sermon to preach at another chapel; then the following Sunday morning I’m preaching at our old chapel.

In the meantime I have another week of work to get through.

No wonder I no longer feel like the 16 year old I was about 2 years ago.

I’m informed that I haven’t been 16 for almost 30 years now – when did that happen?