Things To Do Before You Are 39 (Again)

My delightful wife has posted an openly gratuitous request for brithday messages, following her recent chnage in numerical addition. I would like to point out that this will be her last birthday – her words – and she will now remain her current age forever.

She has also stated compiling a list of things to do before she is 39 (again). Here are a few suggestions:

1. Cook you husband’s tea every night – including nights when he would “cook”.
2. Earn enough money so that he can retire early
3. Visit your friends more – I could do with some peace and quiet
4. Remember to get your husband Meg, Nicole, Michelle or Emma for Christmas.
5. Visit all those nice people in Scotland just don’t warn them we’re coming 🙂
6. Demolish Swansea.
7. Find a way of creating a heating system for the stand at Pontypool Park ready for the coming winter. It was fair nobbling the other week.
8. Buy T&E’s sister a real sheep(s) but don’t tell her husband
9. Invent a mute button for the Troublesome Trucks.
10. Enjoy life!!!!

Remember that it’s your husband’s birthday in 37 days time!!!!

3 thoughts on “Things To Do Before You Are 39 (Again)

  1. I decided that once I hit the big 4-0 I would start going backwards again. I am pleased to say that I am now in my mid thirties 😉

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