Small Minded People

For the last few days I have been juggling work and Christmas deliveries to customers. Having moved to our office near Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s iron ship from Wales travelling has been fun. So far I have done close to 300 miles in three days and have 2 more afternoons to go.

In order to insure that my work is done I have only gone out for half days. My old boss thought that this was sensible. My new boss keeps talking about “another half day then?” He is currently unhappy because my old boss has complained about him, so I’m stuck in the middle.

I really enjoyed working for my old boss. He was easy going, trusted you to get things done and did everything he could to support you. My new boss is a small minded, bureaucratic, jobsworth. When I have been off I have had nothing but complaints about the service provided. He doesn’t actually manage of us and looks to blame anyone else when things go wrong.

He objects if you use suppliers that he hasn’t worked with and takes every opportunity to complain if things don’t happen according to plan. However if his favourites do the same thing he hides the problems. Our sales people have complained because he does not provide them with competitive rates and he complains that they never bring in new business – yet can’t see he maybe at fault for this.

He was annoyed yesterday because our regional director asked me to quote for a new customer, who is a friend of his. Then today he embarrassed himself as I was leaving by trying to have another dig about me being out tomorrow. He couldn’t understand that I am visiting customers I have brought to the company, or customers who don’t want to deal with him or anyone else. My old boss understood that such people needed to be dealt with differently but my new boss doesn’t. The 2 guys I car share with were very happy to have a laugh at his expense as we drove home.

Unfortunately he is under pressure from our director to improve the way his department works and to show that he is actively supporting the sales team, and not relying on existing customers to increase business.

3 thoughts on “Small Minded People

  1. Square those shoulders, hold your head high, keep your own counsel, be the bigger man . . . and resist the temptation to punch him to the ground.

    Everyone will be better off as a result – honest. 🙂

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