Christmas was a very strange event this year. For the firts time ever FW and I had Christmas on our own. No family, no chapel and not even any Troublesome Trucks. The weather definitely made a difference. Having said that we did have a very enjoyable day and FW cooked her second Christmas ever, which was very good.

A friend visited on Boxing Day and stayed over. I must say that vegetarians are very odd people…

As you can see from FW’s post she managed to knock the first item on her “Things To Do Before She’s Old” list and has enquired about a second. Be prepared for requests for sponsorship to emerge.

We finally got to see my parents on Monday and my sister and her family today. Prezzies are now delivered and received. I’m just waiting for my Kindle to arrive, next week hopefully, and Christmas will be finished for another year.

Many thanks to all who supplied Birthday wishes!!!

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  1. Husband, you appear to be forgetting the necessary visit to MY family. Only when that is complete will Christmas truly be over! 😉

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