Teenage Kicks

Reading other people’s blogs recently has made me realise what an easy life I have. I tend not to fret about things and go through life with a feeling of calmness, with occasional bouts of aggressive annoyance.

I have never had a general goal for my life but seem to meander through without too much trouble. I don’t look back with regret at the things I’ve done or the decisions I’ve made. After all I am where I am through the choices I’ve made, or not made.

I had no ambition to get married or have kids. I understand why these things are important to most other people but never really concerned me. The nearest I ever got was when I decided, at 39, that maybe it would be nice to find someone I could settle down with; the rest is history…

When I read posts where people open their hearts due to a failure to achieve certain goals I think how lucky I am, and have been. I can’t say its all been easy or trouble free. I’ve made a few mistakes, some more serious than others but I am happy with where I am.

Where am I going? I don’t know, don’t really care and will leave that to God and FW!!!! I would like some things to be different but they are minor things compared to what life can offer.

I would like to be able to do something that contributes more. Yet work takes up a lot of energy, especially as it is busier and busier but no additional time to do things.

I’m just going to put my faith in God opening doors when He is ready.

2 thoughts on “Teenage Kicks

  1. Are you a man? I think what you are describing is the way a lot of men live their lives, not so many women – which is probably our loss.

  2. Agatha, I think that is quite perceptive of you. T&E is a man, and I am his wife. I think I may do the worrying for the both of us!!! 😉

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