For Agatha

I am indeed a man!

Not just a man but a MAN!!!!!!

I do think differently from women; I also think differently from many men (those who are not MEN!!!!!!).

I care about many things in life but only important things. I leave the little things alone, as they are not worth spending my time on. If little things grow into BIG THINGS then this becomes more important to me but I have noticed that many BIG THINGS also turn into little things again.

Money comes in and money goes out. In the long term these things either balance themselves out…..

or you die.

Health is soemthing that you have little control over. You can’t stop yourself becoming ill or your leg falling off or your bowel turning into a fossilised mammoth. These things also balance themselves out…..

or you die.

Families fall out and make up. Kids grow old and either become ******* scrotes or well adjusted members of society – this is down to luck rather than worry. They balance themselves out….

or you die.

Do you see the process??

Why worry? It only brings on death in a far quicker way. Better to think about things you can have an effect or, solve or choose to ignore. Other things will resolves themselves…..

or you DIE!!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “For Agatha

  1. T&E: I like your relaxed attitude and wish I could “let go” a little more, but there is a flaw in your argument. Whether or not one worries, MAN, man or woman, one will eventually DIE!!!! 😉

  2. I’m a woman, but I think my general attitude to life is much closer to T&E’s than the more stereotypical ‘female’ way of looking at things.

    Stuff has happened in my life; some brilliant stuff, some sad stuff, lots of everyday inbetween stuff. But I have to say I’ve never had the feeling that I had specific hopes or dreams which haven’t come around.

    Life’s a big adventure…. it’ll all come right in the end. (Or you die!)

  3. Also, as someone who works to help people not worry so much, I can tell you that logic does not stop worry. Logically, logic should, but it doesn’t. I’m sure that all the anxious people I have ever met would love that to be the case, but it isn’t.

    I would just consider yourself blessed not to have a fretful disposition. These things can be managed and modified, but I honestly think that our overall characteristics are pretty much hard wired into us! 😉

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