Step Forward & Surprise

Had my interview with the Regional Director today. Went well. I now have to meet the main customer that I’ll be dealing with. If they like me then we’re away.

During the meeting I was also offered a job in Heathrow. It would mean a job 2 levels above the one I’ve been offered but would meaning working away from home, for perhaps 4 days a week. It seems that I have all the experience that they need. They had 100 CV’s and interviewed 20 people but none were right. I was the first person who ticked all the boxes and am the ideal person for the job.

However I’m not sure that I want to go down that route. I did it for 4 years but it wasn’t right after I got married and I stopped 2 years later.

I did say that if they moved it to Cardiff I’d snap the director’s fingers off… It seems that the job could be done from anywhere but someone decided it had to be Heathrow.

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