Well yestaerday was an exciting day.

I was off ill due to a prolonged cold that caught up with me on Sunday and knocked me out on Monday morning.

Then I had a call about the job. Good news/bad news/good news.

Good news…

I got the job. Both my new emploers and their customer thought I was the best person for the position – goes without saying 🙂

Bad news…

I lost the job because my new employer instituted a recruitment freeze from last Friday.

Good news…

I have been asked if I want to work for a larger company that is setting up a new office in our area. This would mean a serious promotion and a chance to show how much I can actually do.

The only downside is that I wouldn’t start until September.

The Lord giveth/the Lord taketh away/the Lord giveth again!!!

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  1. Indeed what Jackie said – although my initial thought was somewhat stronger than Blimey.

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