I am just like anyother normal, psychotic sociopath that you’d meet in the street. I hate people by am very loyal to my friends. I’m a pacifist who believes in getting the first knife in – do unto others before they do it unto you.

My politics are a mixture of conservatism, socialism, communism and a hatred of National Socialism. I believe that all politicians are scum who should be drummed out of office. Power should rest with the people and no self appointed “guardians” of democracy.

I believe that true faith is open to anyone, regardless of social standing, class and wealth. Yet many churches have lost what they were supposed to believe in. Everyone is equally insignificant and equally important. The further down the scale you are the more God loves you. The more you put “important” things in front of faith the more worthless your life becomes.

The best way to get through life is to help everyone else – especially those worse off than you, whether here or abroad. The best charity is the kind that gives people self respect and not dependence/

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