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Who Is Right?

These are from the BBC report regarding the government’s announcement regarding the proposed legislation to allow Gay marriages to take place in places of worship:

Men and women the world over just live together without ceremony of any kind: why can’t same sex couples do the same? It’s far easier to walk away from the relationship too. We can’t help who we love but it is again the minority we hear from bleeting and baaing about what they want. Get on with living together and shut up. The law of God and the Bible will not be rewritten for you – having a ceremony of whatever kind is hollow in the grand plan – can’t you just live your lives? Kathleen Steward, Leicester

If you are a Christian, you believe that homosexuality is immoral. Why any church would allow a gay couple to get married in their church is beyond belief as it’s a contradiction of what the Bible tells Christians. If you read the article carefully however, the title is very misleading. Most churches are not allowing the marriage of gay couples. Only the very liberal and left wing churches are considering it. Scott, Walsall, West Midlands

The church has to move with the times or die painfully over a long period. There should be no distinction between couples, as long as they are happy and are willing to commit to each other then why marginalise gay couples. This form of apartheid has gone on for long enough and the Church should open its mind to higher and more important values. Mark Woolfson, Leeds

We are falling behind a number of EU countries that have actually moved from a formal partnership to a marriage. Why doesn’t the UK be one of the trend-setting innovators to allow gay marriages in religious settings; church, mosque or temple. Craid Chadwick, Leeds

I do not agree with Mark or Craid. The church has no need to adapt its teachings to comply with any government legislation on this subject. What right do we have to compromise on the teachings of God? Just because some disagree with them, does not make them wrong!

I agree with Kathleen, God’s law is not rewritten just because parts of society may not agree with them. Some things are not to be compromised on.

That does not mean that I condemn people who disagree with my opinion. That is not my place to make a judgement; I have plenty of faults of my own. Yet I do not see why my faith should be compromised to satisfy a minority. Nor do I believe that politicians have the right to dictate to the electorate. Democracy is supposed to be about the views of the majority but no one ever seems to bother finding out what those views are.

Civil law is different to moral and divine law. People cannot be expected to go against their beliefs, no matter which side of the fence they are on.


As many of you may (or may not) know, I work in the transport industry. Well work is a very loose description of what I do. These days it seems to be more about computer input than actually doing any physical work.

The revelation last week that 2 bombs had been found on aircraft in Dubai and East Midlands Airport has got the industry talking. We are already seeing governments inssiting on tighter security controls for cargo.

You see all cargo loaded into passenger aircraft holds has to be x-rayed or physically searched prior to loading. Well that is the theory. Not every country actually does this efficiently and there are always ways around these things, if you are smart, dedicated or willing to bribe someone.

However the rules for cargo only airfcraft are different. This is because only the flight crew are at risk. The industry insists that there is no need to inspect every package that goes onto a cargo aircraft. Plus it would add cost to the process and lead to time delays.

Here is the anomaly with what happened. The package going to Chicago via the UK was only spotted during a security exam at East Midlands. This arrived in the UK on a cargo only flight.

The device found in Dubai was originally said to be on a cargo only flight. However we later found out that the package had actually flown into Doha and then Dubai on passenger flights. So who didn’t do their job properly?

Evidently the package left Yemen without being checked. Then it moved through Doha without any checks. Wouldn’t you expect someone in Doha to check unaccompanied packages that originate somewhere as volatile and unsecure as Yemen?

Now don’t worry! The chance of you dying in a explosion on an airliner are longer than the chance of the engine failing. How often do you hear about that happening?

And now for something from the QI fact of the day from the BBC website:

Princess Alexandra, the aunt of Mad King Ludwig II of Bavaria (1845-86), suffered from the delusion that she had swallowed a glass piano.

Visit your aunt, but not every day of the year. SPANISH PROVERB

Jesus Was HIV Positive?

I saw this story on the BBC website.

I am astonished at the reaction of the South African church to what this minister has said. Jesus did align himself with the poor, the needy and the sick. These are people who were treated as outcasts by the religious authorities at the time. Jesus showed that they were as valid as anyone else to receive the salvation that God had sent him to offer.

Ok, so saying that Jesus was HIV Positive was not the best way to bring this about but what the minister was doing was linking the suffering and alienation that HIV sufferers feel today. Many are ignored by the authorities, refused treatment or shunned by their own communities.

Yet these are people that should have the love, acceptance and salvation shared with them. Ignoring their pain and suffering helps no one, least of all them. Yet that is what many in Africa are doing. They associate the problem with homosexuality but the disease is spreading throuoghout the hetrosexual community because churches and politicians are not facing up to the reality of the problem.

This minister is trying to warn his congregation that not only are they at risk themselves but that they need to stand up for those already struckdown with the disease. Christians should give a lead to show that these sufferers are not alone, that people do care for them and that God has not rejected them because they have this disease.

As many seem to have reacted against this teaching from a stance that Jesus is somehow devalued by this interpretation, then they have as much to learn as the Pharissee and Sadducees did.

The Dove Has Departed

Following my post yesterday i have noticed that it is no longer possible to visit the Dove World Outreach Center. I was interested to see if they had published my response, knowing the outcome really. However you are no longer able to connect with their site on the globalwideinterwebnetthingy.

Whether their ISP took them out or they collapsed under the weight of criticism, obscene comments or threats I don’t know. Maybe the were destroyed by the B52’s I sent over to bomb them back to the stone age (c Pentagon media spokesnong). Maybe my shock and awe tactics, i.e. being kind and thoughtful, completely overwhelmed them.

I pray that they will actually see sense and call off their protest/action. Unfortunately the damage has been done. No one will remember if they called it off, only that they wanted to do it. Instead of drawig people in they have alienated themselves but also damaged the wider church.

As it said in the BBC coverage, one of the weaknesses of the “Free Church” movement is that there is no over-riding authority but each church answers only to themselves. Therefore people are free to highjack Christianity to push their own warped and dangerous ideas. There will always be someone out their who will follow.

So Saturday could see the burning of the Koran. As that great philosopher Heine said: If you burn books today, you burn people tomorrow. That was 200 years before the Holocaust. It starts with little things and slowly builds from there. That is how it began in Germany in the 1930’s.

It may seem rather dramatic but that is what history teaches us. People will stand by and let things escalate. Muslims would be demonised, excluded from things and then segregated more and more. Look at the way the French have treated the Romanys – has taken 2 years beofre the world noticed.

For Bimble

I have visited the Holocaust exhibition at the Imperial War Museum. I found it interesting but misplaced. The IWM would be the place for a temporary exhibition but it seems to have become a permanent home.

I think that it would be better to have a museum dedicated to genocide through history. It would include such things as the destruction of indigenous peoples of empire (not just the British); the Turkish massacre of the Armenians; Bosnia (and the rest of former Yugoslavia); Cambodia; Rawanda; and of course the Former Soviet Union.

I am not trying to belittle the Holocaust. If you’d seen my bookshelves you’d know how much it interests me. I have also visited several sites associated with it – including the Wannsee Villa where the bureaucrats met to discuss what a Jew was defined as. This was not the meeting that decided on the Final Solution, contrary to accepted wisdom.

It was the greatest ever attempt at the systematic destruction of an entire racial group. Being only one eigth Jewish was enough to consign you to a gas chamber or a bullet in your neck.

What was done here was murder on an industrial scale, something that had never before been done. Genocide has happened throughout history, even in the Bible, yet this was something never seen before. It involved people in every occupied country and territory in Europe, with the exception of Denmark. People knew what was happening but chose to ignore it.

Yet the IWM is not the place for a permanent home and the Holocaust deserves a home of its own. It is out of place in the home of our nation’s military history. It doesn’t fit in with the over-riding theme. It was a New Labour answer to a bigger question.

A Press Release From the Supreme Leader (Ex)

(With apologies to Private Eye)


I have decided that our work to renew, and put the “Great” back into, Britain has been completed. I was humbled at the way in which the electorate took me to its heart by overwhelmingly rejecting me as Supreme Leader. At least I managed to get three years in power before allowing the British electorate to rubber stamp my appointment.

Therefore I felt that this was the right time to handover the position to someone younger, and far less capable than I, to lead the country towards utter devistation and penury. It is therefore with great happiness that I handover the country, in a much worse state than I received it, and look forward to seeing the Cameron-Letwin-Orsbornist claque, with their new poodle Clegg the lick spittle, fail miserablly.

To those of you who failed to support me during the recent plebiscite I leave you with these thoughts….

You’ll be sorry, you ungrateful, untrusting turncoats. In the words of General Douglas MacArthur Park (who left his cake out in the rain) “I will not return”, no matter how much you beg. I was your last, best hope of steering the country back to the future and healing the wounds that I had created.

I have to thank so many people for everything that I achieved without their help. To former Comrade Bliar, who kept me out of office for so long and then left me with the mess that I had created. To my friends at Goldman Sachs, and others in the City, who did so much to bring about the financial collapse by allowing me to not regulate them properly.

To former Comrades Clark, Hewitt and Hoon who stabbed me in the back, front and sides. To Comrade Mandelbrott who helped us to achieve so much in our election campaign and allowed me to completely ruin everything by meeting that awful woman in Rochdale and encouraging me to take part in my highly successful appearances on the Leaders debate, where I won every debate by agreeing with Nick.

So I leave you to fend without my guiding hand, manipulating your lives. I leave you with the thought that I did more than anyother leader to bring government into the centre of your lives. Without my paranoia you would not have so many CCTV cameras, stop and search powers, intrusion and control over your lives.

You have now got what you deserve.

A word from Comrade Mandelbrott…. You’ll suffer for this. He may have been a useless, bullying, arrogant, incompetent, loose lipped idiot but he was the best puppet that I was able to control at this time. Remember that I know where all you traitors live!!!! I will be back to control the new Party Leader and will have my revenge.


Being a follower of politics I often have to laugh at the idiots who are our elected leaders.

This week has seen the Liberal Democrats, or as I like to call them a JOKE, have been having their annual conference. For those not acquainted with British a party conference, this is where people with no lives, or in touch with reality, descend on a British holiday “resort” – for “fashionable” city – to discuss politics, get p****d and have sex with other morons.

As a result many politicians lose touch with reality even more and say really silly things. Today the Liberal Democrat leader – Mr Nick “Who the **** is he” Clegg (a complete non-entity) – has been telling everyone that he has the “strength” and “resolve” to make the “savage” cuts necessary to save us from the Labour induced budget deficit.

Can someone explain how a crisis, that was caused by over extended borrowing and irresponsible lending, can be solved by over extended borrowing and irresponsible lending?

Today we were brought the declaration that Mr Negg expects to be “the next Prime Minister”. This follows that great declaration from David Steele – “Go home and prepare for government”.

It is always good to find politicians who have a sense of humour and the surreal.

I know expect a certain “young” lady in Durham to be rude and objectionable in response 🙂

Lever Arch History

There is an article on the BBC website today regarding the current controversy in Russia regarding the way in which Western historians are manipulating Russian history. President Medvedev is incensed that there is a plot to destroy Russia’s reputation and to belittle its past. He says that this is becoming “severe, evil and agressive”.

What seems to get Eussians extremely worked up is that they feel that the West is belittling its achievement in beating the Nazis during World War II. They do not like the fact that other countries see the Soviet Union not as liberators but one oppressor replacing another. They don’t believe that this is what actually happened. Neither do they like the fact that the Eastern European and Baltic states also bring the Soviet atrocities to light.

To Russian they were heroic liberators who brought light into the darkness. They don’t mention things like the Katyn massacre, Stalin’s decision to halt the Soviet advance in 1944 and allowed the Poilsh nationalist resistance to be destroyed by the Germans in Warsaw that August. They could have helped the resistors but chose to have them eliminated instead. In addition the Soviets were quite ruthless in overthrowing non Communist governments and parties as they asserted control over post war Eastern Europe.

I remember my history teacher telling us about the Lever Arch History practised by the Stalin regime, where people were airbrushed from pictures and events retold. This is also a major theme of Otwell’s 1984 as the regime rewrite history to fit with current policy.

Russia has always been very insecure about its image, whether controlled by the Tsars, Communists or the current “democracy”. They want to been seen as a strong, confident nation that has a place at the top table of world affairs. Unfortunately they can never carry it off because of that insecurity.

Therefore any criticism by outsiders, or internal opposition, is seen as an attack on the entire nation. Even if the historical record backs up the opposing view, this is not acceptable to the people in power at the time.

Russians do not see themselves as a threat to others but as a benevolent, paternal figure. They fail to see that where they see a big cuddly bear. others see a vicious predator ready to bite.

What may have helped to focus their attention on this is that next month sees the 70th anniversary of the Nazi/Soviet Non Agression Treaty that helped to make WW II possible. Without this Hitler may have had second thoughts on invading Poland.

The Non Agression Treaty is one of those skeletons that Russians would sooner leave in the closet.

Caring Society

It always annoys me when people tell me that, as a Christian, I should not be a Conservative voter. I am told that Socialism is nearer to Christianity as it is more inclusive and caring. Alternatively I should think about voting Liberal Democrat but we all know that’s just a wasted vote – don’t we Tractor Girl????  🙂

So imagine my feelings of smugness as I drove home tonight. You can read the story here if you like Alcoholics on Benefitsor for those too lazy here is a summary.

The government are proposing that any alcoholics who are claiming state benefits should be denied them unless they get treatment. On paper that’s a laudable aim but in reality?


If you are on benefits then you don’t have any other income, so how do you get money to buy groceries, rent etc?

Another problem is that the government are happy to fund drug treatments but there is a great shortage of assistance for alcoholics. There are just not enough treatment centres or courses available now, let alone in the future. So what happens, are their benefits cut because there is no course available?

James Purnell, the government minister, says that the government want to help people. So how does removing benefits assist anyone? Of course, the main reason is that they want to get them “back to work”. The fact there are no jobs to go back too doesn’t seem to occur to them! 

If this was a Conservative policy then the Labour party would be on all the TV channels, on the radio, in the papers and on blogs shouting about how heartless the policy is. Yet this government seems happy to inflict this policy on people. Even though charities have been calling for investment in alcohol programmes the government have ignored their requests.

Once again though they announce a programme before starting to put the tools in place. So they punish people and then they’ll compound the problem by not having the treatment programmes available.

Is this really a programme that is “Christlike” in origin? What would Jesus do? Well he’d probably draw our attention to the hypocrites who are full of air and not deeds. You can’t preach love and community while punishing the poorest people struggling to make ends meet.

Well, you can if you’re a Socialist!!


Most of you will be to young, or to foreign, to remember the last years of the Major government. Even for many Conservative supporters we knew that, how ever wrong it could be, we had to lose the election. Our party had lost its way and was engulfed by scandal after scandal.

What made it worse was the opposition we making political capital of what a bunch of self-interested, money grabbing and self obsessed non entities were had in the party. Even the “Grey Man” himself was recognised for being a less than enspiring leader.

So they got their butts kicked and were replaced by New Labour – a better choice of name would have been Conservative-lite. Bliar came into office promising a new style of politics without the sleeze that had gone before. Britain would be a new country built on ethical policies and inclusive policies that would herald a new dawn. WE’d be financially and morally better off than ever before.

What we got was a liar as PM, the same old policies that let accountants, bankers and tax avoiders do whatever they wanted. With the Private Finance Initiative we had privitisation and unaccounted for debt spending. We’d enter two conflicts that no one understood and are still going on today. 

No we have a PM who, like Major, makes his predecessor look like a political messiah. As bad as Bliar was at least he had a personality. The one we have today has the personality of a dead fish – apologies to dead fish everywhere.

Recently he has been pedaling this vision of him as the Saviour of The World. He has all the answers to the current financial crisis that he, though he won’t admit, has done as much as others to create. Remember how he’s been telling us that where he has led all others are following and copying his policies.

Now, with this week’s G20 meeting looming, we find that every major country is set to refuse his notion of a new fiscal stimulus. Berlin have already leaked the final press release submitted by the Great Saviour. They France, Spain and most other countries say that this is the wrong thing to do.

Warren Buffet the current financial guru has said that the UK are likely to end up needing a bail-out from the Interantional Monetary Fund to survive. For those who remember the last Labour government in the mid to late 70’s will remember the sight of our Chancellor, Dennis Healy, going cap in hand to the IMF for loan after loan.

 This was not a great time for Britain’s standing in the world. It took Thatcher to restore pride in Britain. No matter what you think of her, at least she achieved that.

Now we have a leader whose own ego will not allow him to see that he is destroying our country and selling future generations into servitude to pay off his borrowing – fiscal prudency, my a***? Even the Governor of the Bank of England has said that the country can’t afford to borrow more. For a srving Governor to come out against government policy is almost unheard of.