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Step Forward & Surprise

Had my interview with the Regional Director today. Went well. I now have to meet the main customer that I’ll be dealing with. If they like me then we’re away.

During the meeting I was also offered a job in Heathrow. It would mean a job 2 levels above the one I’ve been offered but would meaning working away from home, for perhaps 4 days a week. It seems that I have all the experience that they need. They had 100 CV’s and interviewed 20 people but none were right. I was the first person who ticked all the boxes and am the ideal person for the job.

However I’m not sure that I want to go down that route. I did it for 4 years but it wasn’t right after I got married and I stopped 2 years later.

I did say that if they moved it to Cardiff I’d snap the director’s fingers off… It seems that the job could be done from anywhere but someone decided it had to be Heathrow.

New Beginnings From The Past

Some of you on Facebook may have seen my cryptic updates in the last few days. I can enlighten you here as people I don’t want to inform don’t know about this site.

Last week i received a phone call from a friend/business relation. He was asked to contact me by my old empolyers to find out if I was interested in a position they had available. At the time I wasn’t very impressed but said that I’d speak to them and see what they had to say. In the 2 days since, I’ve felt more disconnected at work and mentally I have one foot out of the door.

I had a conversation with the branch manager on the way home tonight and have an interview lined up for Wednesday morning. We’re both off to the race at Ffos Llas in the afternoon with our mutual friend.

I’m not sure that I’ll take the job but will see how the meeting develops, as there are a few things I want to ensure before making a final decision.

I have always refused to go back to a previous employer but would have moved back to their Cardiff office before I left the company 4.5 years ago, if the chance had been available.

Looking forward to seeing how this develops.

Now to watch West Ham hopefully beat Cardiff City.


Cool For Cats

I am officially cool!!!

I have always known that I am cool because I have always been a trend setters. Cargo Pants? That was me. The Mod Revival (circa 1979)? That was me. Levi 501’s? Ditto. Those pilots jackets that are popular with skinheads and some gay men? That was me – not the gay bit.

The other day it was reinforced as I was called cool on Facebook. If it’s on Facebook then it must be true…… 🙂

Thanks Stroppy Boy for the accolade.

I’m The Cute One

Firstly for Rain….

It went very well thank you. Stroppy Boy was very well behaved. He washed up and fed the cats the entire time he was here. We watched the football – hurray for the USA – Ronin, while I wrote my sermon, and then he went to bed at about 23:45.

He came with me Sunday morning and was asked to take the offertry and joined in communion as well. Then it was home to have lunch, watch Scaramouche and then time to take him home. Plus he he played on the X-Box.

FW arrived home yesterday. While in bed this morning we were stroking Che. He wandered a little way off down the bed but when I reached to stroke FW he came bounding back and inserted himself between us to imply that he was the one that should be stroked.

When FW went upstairs just now he was on the bed with his sister, Lemur, and had had a stroke. FW stroked Lemur and then commented on what a lovely purr she had. To which Che made a loud “murp” and reinserted himself for stroking.

We do not have spoilt, demanding cats, whatever others may think!!!

Busy Week

I’m in for a busy week. Stroppy Boy is visiting today and has been tasked with housework as a lesson by his parents. We’ll still get time to support the US in tonight’s football!!!

I have a sermon to write for tomorrow morning and letters to notify members of our forthcoming AGM for Sustaining Life. I think I’ll be giving the same sermon at another chapel next Sunday. This is because we’re driving to Leeds on Friday for Caring For Life’s Open Day next Saturday. Then back on Saturday afternoon so I can give the sermon on Sunday evening.

In between time I have a list of things to do that at work so that i’m not leaving others with work to do in my absense. I hate leaving things for others to do and have already pushed one customer to get some things completed early to accomodate my time off.

Sorry, I have to rush now as my sister wants to to drop her in Newport for a hairdressing appointment.

Happy Day

Today has been realtively quiet in work, BOO!!!! However I ahd a phone call this afternoon that brightened things up no end.

Someone I know set up a transport company last year. I was his first big customer and they have grown by leaps and bounds in the year. So much so, that he called today to tell me to buy the Western Mail – the national rag of Wales.

Normally I wouldn’t bother as I don’t think that it is worth the money. Yet, when I opened the Business in Wales supplement, there he was staring out at me. It was a very good 2 page article that really “bigged” him and his company up.

It also gave me a good feeling because here was someone I knew being built up and lauded for making a success from starting a business in a recession. Yet it also showed that his head is firmly planted on his shoulders and he hasn’t been overtaken by a successful start.

The article on the front of the paper was about Wales needing more successful and highly paid people. Wales is a country with a narrow gap between the low and high earning brackets. This sounds like a good thing but actually isn’t.

Wales lacks the high earning band of people who are usually recognised as the entrepeneurs. I’m not talking about bankers and such but about people who start businesses from scratch and create jobs, as well as personal wealth.

50% of our working population are employed by the public sector and this is much higher than the rest of the UK but also a dangerous level in a recession. Where will they be as government cuts budgets and costs? If people are made redundant from public service where are the alternative jobs in the private sector? Ok so Tesco, Asda (Walmart) or someone else may open stores but they aren’t exactly rewarding jobs.

So it is good to see that there are people out there looking to build businesses. What we need are more of them. People offering careers that will be rewarding and worthwhile for people leaving school or wanting an alternative. People who can offer jobs that are engaging and demanding and give a sense of accomplishment.

So if you know anyone who needs a container moved, let me know and I’ll pass things on 🙂


We have been computerless for a month and work allows me to read the Wibsite but not post anythng, other than comments. Thankfully our laptop has now been returned repaired. I didn’t realise how much I would miss the laptop until it died.


While lying in bed this morning our thoughts turned to earthquakes. This was brought about by FW reading her Christmas present – QI Big Book of Ignorance (or some such title). She had just read that the UK has over 300 earthquakes a year but they are so small that we only feel about 10% of them.

Then I told her that things would get worse for us with global warming. FW couldn’t understand the connection or understand how rising sea levels, temperatures and CO2 emissions could make a difference.

I then pointed out that there would be greater movement in the Tectonic Plates as they moved around the world more frequently following the changes in weather patterns. This would be down to the fact that the UK would be a much more pleasing place to visit with the temperature and weather changes.

FW pointed out that I didn’t mean Tectonic Plates but Tutonic Morons…..

They Seem to Follow You Around

A Happy New Year to one and all.

The New Year will start as i don’t intend it to go on. Tomorrow I have to go to work. The reason is that I was snowed in for 2 days this week and have a mountain of work to catch up on. My colleague has been off since the 15th and work has, inevitably piled up.

We went to see FW’s family on Boxing Day for a few days. My sister in law’s birthday is on that day, the day after mine. Therefore it is almost compulsory for us to attend – especially as it was an important milestone this year. So we asked the neighbours to look after the cats while we were away.

The first tme they did this was when FW and I went to London in November. On that occasion Mrs Next Door came over to feed the cats for the first tome and went into the kitchen. She felt a presence behind her and saw a shape and ran out of the door. She ran to get her husband who, being a brave man, stood outside our door while she went back in – only to find Dr Who standing in our entrance hall.

The remarkable thing is that every time she has been in since she has felt that his eyes follow her around…

This time she came in to hear a voice saying “Hello? Hello?” Only to be surprised as I appeared from the dark living room to greet her. She was surprised as she’d forgotten that I was home on the Monday.

Last night I went into te little boy’s room to do what little boys do. I was most unnerved to find that I was being watched. On the windowsill was a Stig watching me. Even though his visor is dark you wouldn’t think that his eyes could follow you around but they do…..

I already had to get FW to move the starfish and lobster on the cistern as their eyes did the same!


Last week FW and I spent 4 days in London. It was a chance for us to have a break and combine it with celebrating her birthday.

On the Tuesday, after we arrived, we had a meal at Wong Kei. This is my favourite Chinese restaurant. You get really good food and it is very reasonably priced. You also get to share tables with complete strangers and, if you’re lucky, rude service.

However I was depressed to find that the most famous Chinese in Soho is no more. The restaurant made famous by Warren Zevon’s Werewolves of London has disappeared. Yes, Lee Ho Fook’s has closed its doors 🙁 To dull the pain we had desert in the Haagen Daz store – mmmmm!!!!

Wednesday, being FW’s birthday, we went to visit the Natural History Museum. FW got the chance to meet a certain Sir David Attenborough. He was their to sign books, DVD’s etc. To put the icing on the cake he told FW that she was a picture – Sir David Attenborough hit on my wife 🙂

In addition FW was able to ride a horse before going in. Photo to follow.

That night we ate at a Polish restaurant, Folvark, near our hotel in Hounslow. It had only been open for a month but was a great place. The food was absolutely superb. I’d recommend it to everyone.

The Thursday saw us visit Southend, where I’d lived for 6 months. I couldn’t believe how much the seafront had changed. It now has a pebble beach, the Kursaal is open and my old flat, next door, is still there.

Friday we went to Hampstead shopping. The weather was awful but we spent a few hours in Cafe Rouge having a great lunch. Then FW was able to spend some dosh in the local Oxfam shop. I did “not” buy any second hand books whatsoever 🙂

On the way to Paddington on the Saturday we managed to find time to visit the Bagel Bake shop in Brick Lane. These are proper bagels from a Jewish bakery and they are not just great but cheap. No visit to London is complete without a visit. I also have to buy bagels for my sister and her family and my mum whenever I visit – they are that good.