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The Dove Has Departed

Following my post yesterday i have noticed that it is no longer possible to visit the Dove World Outreach Center. I was interested to see if they had published my response, knowing the outcome really. However you are no longer able to connect with their site on the globalwideinterwebnetthingy.

Whether their ISP took them out or they collapsed under the weight of criticism, obscene comments or threats I don’t know. Maybe the were destroyed by the B52’s I sent over to bomb them back to the stone age (c Pentagon media spokesnong). Maybe my shock and awe tactics, i.e. being kind and thoughtful, completely overwhelmed them.

I pray that they will actually see sense and call off their protest/action. Unfortunately the damage has been done. No one will remember if they called it off, only that they wanted to do it. Instead of drawig people in they have alienated themselves but also damaged the wider church.

As it said in the BBC coverage, one of the weaknesses of the “Free Church” movement is that there is no over-riding authority but each church answers only to themselves. Therefore people are free to highjack Christianity to push their own warped and dangerous ideas. There will always be someone out their who will follow.

So Saturday could see the burning of the Koran. As that great philosopher Heine said: If you burn books today, you burn people tomorrow. That was 200 years before the Holocaust. It starts with little things and slowly builds from there. That is how it began in Germany in the 1930’s.

It may seem rather dramatic but that is what history teaches us. People will stand by and let things escalate. Muslims would be demonised, excluded from things and then segregated more and more. Look at the way the French have treated the Romanys – has taken 2 years beofre the world noticed.