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New Beginnings

Last night FW and I went to see the new Robin Hood film and were suitably impressed. The only, slight, downside was Mr Crowe’s widely travelled accent – it seemed to move from the East Midlands to Ireland on occasion. Having said that it is a great improvement on Mr Costner’s awful attempt at “Hollywoodising” the story.

It was odd to have Will Scarlet played by a red headed Welshman. However you coould see the influence of former Hoods, including the story starting with Robin at Richard’s final siege, as per Robin & Marion.

However it was a “prequel” and there is the hope that Ridley & Russell will follow it up with possibly 2 more, if this one does well enough at the box office.

I also remembered why I dislike the cinema – people. The ones who insist on talking, even in whispers, or getting up and down to use the loo/answer their (silent) mobiles. This has always irritated me, no surprise there then!!

However I do realise how much better a film is on the big screen. So I now resolve to attend the cinema at least once a month from now on – if the quality films are there, or the odd trash one.

I think that Four Lions should be next.