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Flashforward – Miss Lisa Read the Bottom

The end is coming to Flashforward and, like many other series, it looks like ABC Studios have decided to leave it at series 1. I bet the writers didn’t see that in their Flashforward 😉

Unfortunately this is a problem that is becoming more and more frequent with US series. It used to be that a US network would give greater support than those in the UK, or elsewhere. Yet there have been several recent series that have been cancelled – Men in Trees is one such example. What worries me is will the series actually have an ending or will be left unfufilled?

Heroes had the opposite problem. It was supposed to end at series 1 but was so successful that they had to rewrite the ending to leave things open for series 2. So the cliffhamger at the end of series 1 was a bit of a damp squid. Then things just got worse as the writers became to clever in trying to extend the story.

We’re also enjoying Cougar Town, with Courtney Cox Arquette, and Justified, with Timothy Oliphant. The plus for the latter is that it is based on an Elmore Leonard story, one of my all time favourite writers and one who is so hard to translate well onto the screen (big or small).

It is also good to see that Sky, our satellite monopoly, is actually starting to produce some good TV – and not just relying on US buy-ins, The Simpsons and c*** reality/documentary shows. We’re soon to get Going Postal by Terry Pratchett and Strike Back has been a good translation of a Chris Ryan story – Boy’s Own adventure at a good level.

In fact, things are so good at present that our Sky+ box is working overtime most days.

Miss Lisa – I’m not against people trying to speak in non native accents. My own exaggerated attempts at a Welsh accent often travels to Indian or Pakistani – and I’m Welsh!!! At least he didn’t try the usual “posh” English accent. Neither was it as laughable as many others – Dick van Dyke for instance!!