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I’m The Cute One

Firstly for Rain….

It went very well thank you. Stroppy Boy was very well behaved. He washed up and fed the cats the entire time he was here. We watched the football – hurray for the USA – Ronin, while I wrote my sermon, and then he went to bed at about 23:45.

He came with me Sunday morning and was asked to take the offertry and joined in communion as well. Then it was home to have lunch, watch Scaramouche and then time to take him home. Plus he he played on the X-Box.

FW arrived home yesterday. While in bed this morning we were stroking Che. He wandered a little way off down the bed but when I reached to stroke FW he came bounding back and inserted himself between us to imply that he was the one that should be stroked.

When FW went upstairs just now he was on the bed with his sister, Lemur, and had had a stroke. FW stroked Lemur and then commented on what a lovely purr she had. To which Che made a loud “murp” and reinserted himself for stroking.

We do not have spoilt, demanding cats, whatever others may think!!!

The Weekend

The weekend was very relaxing, even though we had a nephew a day on Saturday and Sunday. Having said that having Shouty Boy here on Sunday and Monday meant that we got many of those Bank Holiday jobs done.

Shouty finished painting under the sink and the outlet pipe for us. He helped FW to put “frosting” onto the bathroom window, so we have removed our “classy” shopping bag “curtains”. Then he helped us to put the pictures up that have been waiting for the past 6 months or so.

Both Shouty and Stroppy have offered to help paint when we do the office next.

Today I have taken the day off so that I can have a rest from work to recharge. Of course, having a mobile and Elderberry don’t always help 🙂

Day of Fun

We had some very good news today but someone else will tell you about that.

Today has been “Stroppy Boy’s Day of Fun”. We collected him from swimming and took him into town to buy his belated birthday presents. We had lunch at Frankie & Benny’s and then came home, his choice. He is currently watching From Russia With Love and then Quantum of Solace later.


History Today:

 193: Emperor Pertinax is assassinated by the Praetorian Guard.

1854: France and Britain join the Ottoman Empire in the Crimean War to halt Russian expansion. It was one of those glorious follies that Britain specialises in.

1930: Kemal Attaturk announces that Constantinople is to renamed Istanbul, as part of his campaign to form a secularised Turkish state.

1939: Madrid surrenders to General Franco and brings an end to the Spanish Civil War. The Facsit Falange Party will rule until 1975.

1969: Former president General Dwight D. Eisenhower dies at the age of 78.

1979: Prime Minister James Callaghan loses a vote of confidence in the House of Commons and is forced to call a General Election. Guess who won?

1990: Jesse Owens is posthumously awarded a Congressional Gold Medal by President Bush (the not as dumb as the other one).