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Holiday Update

I have 5 days of my holiday to go before returning to work. Since returning I have managed to do almost nothing constructive, that’s what holidays are for.

Today we went for lunch at a local pub – The Hall Inn in Gwehelog near Usk. This is a great place to eat as the food is superb, you have proper portions and it is very good value. I especially love the Steak & Kidney Pudding – you only get it on a weekday lunchtime though.

So far I have finished reading: Low Life, Spies of The Balkans, Nemesis, and Potsdam Station. I’m just finishing Paris After The Liberation: 1944-1949.

To keep me going I have to read, and review, The Perfect Nazi: Uncovering My SS Grandfather’s Secret Past and How Hitler Seduced a Generation. I love the Amazon Vine Programme as I get free books and things, providing I review them afterwards. It is very hit and miss as to the quality you get. Low Life was one of them and seemed to be Memento meets Fight Club.

The worse book I have selected was A Grasp of Kaspar. This was one of the most over hyped and dreadfully written books I can remember. Almost as bad as the Da Vinci Code. My review is on the site under Argghhhhh!!!!!

Tomorrow I have to watch a Dolph Lundgren DVD and review that. I’ll let you know how “good” that is at some point in the future. Mind you I did select it on the grounds that it should be good for a laugh and cringe if nothing else. I am not expecting something to rival Citizen Kane or The Godfather.