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It’s Oh So Quiet

There was a deathly hush in the office for most of today. I can’t think why!!!! But I will not crow over the fact that England were not only beaten by the better team but didn’t deserve to get to the last 16.

Yes, Frank Lampard’s disallowed goal was a travesty and something should be done about FIFA but they can’t use that excuse. They were poor from the first match until they were finally knocked out.

You can’t blame the manager completely. England have a bunch of under talented, over hyped players who don’t seem able to grasp new tactics but the manager doesn’t get the if he plays players out of position.

Roll on the European Championships in 12 years time when we can anticipate much hype and failure.

Busy Week

I’m in for a busy week. Stroppy Boy is visiting today and has been tasked with housework as a lesson by his parents. We’ll still get time to support the US in tonight’s football!!!

I have a sermon to write for tomorrow morning and letters to notify members of our forthcoming AGM for Sustaining Life. I think I’ll be giving the same sermon at another chapel next Sunday. This is because we’re driving to Leeds on Friday for Caring For Life’s Open Day next Saturday. Then back on Saturday afternoon so I can give the sermon on Sunday evening.

In between time I have a list of things to do that at work so that i’m not leaving others with work to do in my absense. I hate leaving things for others to do and have already pushed one customer to get some things completed early to accomodate my time off.

Sorry, I have to rush now as my sister wants to to drop her in Newport for a hairdressing appointment.